10 March, 2011

Travel Approval

This is a long awaited day... Well it may not feel long to y'all but we have both been glued to our email, updating it every 3 seconds waiting for the news and we finally have TRAVEL APPROVAL!!

There really are no words that can express the amount of emotions I am feeling, knowing that we will very soon have Maebelle in our arms has us over the moon tonight. And today our girl is 19 months old.

We will either be leaving for China March 23-25 and returning April 7-9 or if we can't get the earlier consulate appointment, we can't leave until April 6-8 and return the 21st - 23rd because of a Chinese celebration called "Tomb Sweeping Holiday" April 3-5. We will know if we got our consulate appt in the next 1-5 days.

At the latest date will still be home a day before Easter (: i have been hoping we'd be back by then! I bought her a little Easter basket today and last weekend I sewed her an Easter bunny. It is a bizarre and fantastic thing to actually know we will have her then.

I made her bunny a tiny friend, sewed her some sweet shoes and made her a reversible dress so one day Mae can discover it and change her outfit to fit her mood.


  1. I don't have the words to express how happy I am for you.......I am just overflowing with joy for you! Did you happen to hear me shouting :)

    And I have to say, that is the most precious little bunny friend that I have ever seen. Stitched with love for a very special baby girl.

    Congratulations, mommy. Now, get packing and bring that baby home!!

  2. I'm so happy we will have our Mae before Easter. You have done a great job on getting ready and even preparing for Easter before leaving. You are going to be a Great Mom!!

    Just thinking how Blessed Mae is going to be to be able to have a personal relationship with God and be brought up in Church. She now has everything God had planned for her to grow into a wonderful Christian. His love for us all is so massive.

    God be with you all on your travels and union.

    With much love,
    Aunt Carol


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