30 March, 2011

Shaolin Temple and our girl

We went to the Shaolin Temple today. It was a 2 hour bus trip out of Zhengzhou and we were surrounded by mountains on all sides... which I loved. We also liked seeing the country side along the drive, it is so very different here. The temple is where Kung Fu is learned and there are many many students. This is really Cody's area, so when he wakes up I'll get the facts straight so I can write more.
One thing I do know is that Mae did unbelievably well today. We were out from 8:30am-6:00pm and all the adults were wiped out... she had every right to be a pill but instead was an absolute delight the whole day. More of her personality is coming out and with each second we are falling more and more in love with her. She is such a gift it is even heard for me to type right now for the tears. awwwe - we are honored beyond believe that God has given us her, as our daughter!

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting - ha!
Maebelle fell asleep with Cody in her carrier for about an hour. So glad too because we were gone during her nap.

This will melt your heart. I love these outstretched arms.
She slept again for a little while on our long bus ride home.
Bath time again today, I love so many of the pictures it is had to pick which ones to blog, she has so many expressions. (:

What we know about our girl is that she is so full of joy, she sings or talks her baby talk all the time and I LOVE her little voice. She definitely knows who her momma and dada are and says our names as she looks at us with such a beautiful smile. (she has started calling Cody dada instead baba - which is her first english word and Cody beams with pride to hear it come from her.) She loves to dance and she LOVES shoes... she will go and get them for us to put on even when she is just in her diaper. She points at everything, she wants to be busy playing or in a crowd of people and loves to walk while holding your hand the most. She completely melts us with one look and I miss her while she is sleeping. Which is another big step, she slept in her crib last night!! She hasn't been okay at bedtime; she has wanted to stay with me and has slept in my bed for the past two nights, but last night she decided that it would be okay. Maybe she realized that we would still be here in the morning.


  1. seriously...could she be any cuter???? and she's so little! i just love her.

  2. Mama tears are flowing here. She is absolutely the cutest thing. I can not wait to get my hands on her!(When she is ready of course!!)Taylor loves her already and the little people are wanting to see her picture all the time.

  3. LOVE clean and cozy babies after a bath. So fun. Looks like a great day.

  4. Hi, you don't know me but I am a friend of Chas's and I got the link to your blog from her. I have read the whole thing and am so moved by your journey. I am just thrilled for your sweet perfect family. Thank you for taking the time to blog about all of this. Mae is breathtakingly beautiful, and very lucky to have you two. Congratulations. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this wonderful time.


  5. Mae is so, so beautiful!! What a miracle from God! I love watching your "romance" with her unfold in this blog. It proves that the love of a child is unimaginable and God's plan is amazing.
    Love, Lora Young

  6. Mae is beautiful! What a little doll. She looks so happy and content. Love her smile! On a side note, I'm jealous we didn't get to go anywhere but the city in Zhengzhou. The Shaolin Temple looks so cool. I would have loved to see it and go somewhere besides the park and right around the hotel.

  7. CRYING AGAIN! I am not even a crier. I just love her and seeing her so happy make my heart happy and makes me cry. She is SO BEAUTIFUL! She looks like she LOVES LIFE and I know her and Olivia are gonna be great friends! I cant wait to hold her! These pictures are amazing! These are my faves:
    Cody feeding her the bottle in the baby carrier, he is learning real quick how this parenting thing goes!
    Cody holding her in carrier and she is asleep his hand on her head, MADE ME CRY!
    Her outstretched arms... LOVE IT!
    Her asleep a close up of her face. HOW BEAUTIFUL! She has the prettiest skin and lips, and the sweetest little face, all links back to "things to come" blog from Cody! LOVE HER!
    And lastly the one in the bath where she has her hand on her neck. She seems so happy and funny! :) I cant wait to hang out with her!

    Love you guys, am blown away by all of this, cant wait to see everyone. Thsi takes my breathe away!



  8. This makes me smile so much! I am so happy for you guys! I can't wait to meet this precious angel!

  9. Kristen and Cody your Daughter is the most precious and sweet little girl !! I'm so happy for ya'll , Thats wonderful that she was so good for you all day..
    Shes a doll baby!
    Love ya!


  10. She loves Shoes and going places..humm sounds like a Myrick to me..Smile.

  11. Loved catching up on all the recent posts since being out of town since Friday. She is so precious. You have gotten some incredible pics too!!

  12. What an amazing journey you guys have been on! Amazing to see all of your friends support and thanks for sharing with me your journey.

    Have a good trip home!

    Robert (Bend, Oregon)


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