29 March, 2011

Mae is officially ours!!

Today we had to finalize our adoption at the registration office. We were presented with an official document stating that we are now Mae's parents.
I can't believe this little family is only 2 days old.

Here's our documents!
And our darlin girl!
We are looking out the window as we drive to next stop, the notary office.
Photo for the notary office.
Now for a bit of shopping... actually a very long shopping trip. Mae did so well in the carrier but it was so hot for everyone. There is no air conditioning and the third floor was pretty uncomfortable for us all.
Trying on shoes... they were all too big but we got her a few pair to grow into.

Here she is eating her treat her daddy wrote about in the last post...


  1. Mae is absolutely adorable!! It looks like everything is going so well and I am overjoyed for all of you. Kristen, the pictures of Mae hugging you are priceless! I love hearing about her happy personality. Have fun lovin' on that sweet baby girl!

  2. I keep checking your blog several times a day for new updates :) I love seeing all the photos of you guys together in China with Mae, it's so wonderful! I can't wait to see what you'll post next!

    Also, I love that sly little look she's giving in the 5th picture. I think she's got some tricks up her sleeve ;)

  3. Congrats to you three...A family . Hey Sherryl you got your grandchild..yea,I am happy for all of you

  4. LOVE the bow in her hair! Nyla would be proud :).

  5. I love the last three posts and can't stop looking at all of the adorable pics. Cody is right, you guys are getting a taste of what is to come with that beautiful smile of hers!! I cannot wait to meet her!

  6. Hey Cody and Kristen we are thrilled beyond words for both of you! What an awesome experience. You two make great parents already! Mae is precious and her smile is so delightful. We can't wait to meet her in person! The kids are so excited and praying for baby Mae every night. Praying you enjoy the rest of the trip. Love Dan and Becca

  7. She is so beautiful.. congrats you two!!!

  8. Graham and Erica MatherMarch 30, 2011 at 6:01 AM

    Congrats! Official now! We are so excited for you and I eagerly wait to read the blog in the morning. Big Hugs to you all.

    Cant wait to have you home....

    Graham and Erica


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