31 March, 2011

Orphanage visit

In our hotel lobby with our guide Rita. We love the two ladies that our agency hired to be here with us. They are just so wonderful and nurturing, they have gone above and beyond with each and everything they have done for us.

We rented a van and driver for half of the day so that we could drive out to Mae's orphanage. She spent most of her time here and we wanted to see it - I have pictured it for months now in my head. I was very nervous on our way there just because I knew how emotional it would be for us to see.
As soon as we stepped out of our van a nanny was calling "Juan Juan" - she recognized her from across the parking lot and was so happy to see our girl again. Mae has been with a foster family for the past few months. She gave Mae a cracker (that smelled like fish) - she must know the way to our girls heart is food. (:Once we got up to the room that Mae was in, there were 5-6 nannies with outstretched arms all wanting to take Mae and hold her. The love was very evident and it was great to see this. Mae seemed more than happy to visit and see these wonderful ladies.
This was Mae's bed and it was still empty today. So hard for me to picture her here now.

Awe, and back with Momma! I liked having her back in my arms and she was happy to be there (:

Cody made every child there laugh and loved on each one. He is such an amazing man and my heart is so unbelievably blown away to have him as my partner and see him as a daddy too.
Mom and Dad were there to love on them all too. These children were so very sweet.

As we made our way back to the van the orphanage director came over. We were honored to meet her and take this photo. She welcomed us to come back again.
Mae had to say goodbye to her old life and the people that were a part of it today. I felt like we learned so much more about her today.
Her grandpa was so happy to carry her and get some time with the darlin. He kept telling her that she was his princess and that when she came over to his house she could have anything that she wanted. He can't wait to spoil her with cookies and ice cream. It was precious to see him with her.
We went to her finding spot today and it was so emotional for me. It was very hard today but one look at Mae and you wonder how it could be that she hasn't always just been a part of us. God is so good and His plan for her is a beautiful reminder of the love that He has for each of us.

This angel is back in her crib again tonight! We have learned that she does not like flavorful foods... only very bland ones and chinese ones at that. It makes me worried about what we'll be finding for her to eat back home. But we did find a KFC tonight for dinner and ordered her some mash potatoes and she LOVED them! She ate them one bite after another and I could hardly keep up - she is a southern bell already (;


  1. In VA with my family and we are all watching your posts. I cannot wait for your family to return so that we can meet your precious daughter. LOVED the pictures you shared today. Hugs to each of you!!!

  2. Judging form the pictures it's obvious ya'll were made for this...Mom and Dad Rock Stars. Mae is unbelievably sweet! Can't wait to see her in person!!


  3. What an awesome day!! God is sooo good.

  4. looks like a awsome day, very sweet I look forward to each post . I have been reading and following your journey , since my mom sent me the site.
    Love yall
    Lauren Ray

  5. beautiful place,colorful,must be nice to know she started her life well taken care of.blessings to you guys, this is life changing i am sure.

  6. She gets more beautiful every day. So so happy for your family. Praying the plane ride goes wonderful.

    Ashley Martin

  7. I am so happy that you got to visit the orphanage. An emotional day for sure, but also such a blessing to see where Mae spent the first year of her life. All of these pictures will mean so much to her one day. It brought back many memories for me. Mae is so lovely, and her beauty just shines through. What a gift these precious babies are!

  8. I am so happy for you guys!!! Mae is a doll!! You both look like naturals at parenting!!

  9. This is how I imagine the day went in Mae's little head:

    "Oh I remember this place! It's been a couple months but it's all coming back to me. Hey look, my old nannies! Hey, nannies, remember me?? It's Juan-Juan. Juan Juan's my middle name now. My new name is Maebelle, but most people will just call me Mae. Isn't it pretty? Look, I have a new mommy and daddy. Aren't they cool? They seem to really like me and I'm hoping they stick around for awhile. They brought me lots of cool stuff from America. They gave me my very own toys and new clothes! Do you like my outfit? It's got pretty ruffles. And did you see the pretty clip in my hair?? My new mommy made it for me. It's my favorite. Can't wait to see what else she's made for me. Anyway, thanks for taking care of me while I was a baby, but now that I'm a big girl I'm going to be a part of my new forever family. I'm a Lekberg now. Gotta go now. Thanks for everything. Bye Bye!"

  10. Thanks for the pictures. Brings tears to my eyes to see all of those precious babies needing mommy's and daddy's. I bet it was hard leaving and not wanting to take all of them. Mae is one lucky little princess!

  11. Love seeing all the storys and jouney ya'll have been on, I wish you the best with your travels everyday, What a beautiful little mae!

    SO very happy for you both !

  12. Really, really happy for ALL of you! I've been following the posts and pictures and have completely melted and find myself thanking God for your family's new addition. As an adoptive mom myself, I know how mesmerizing and awestricken you are looking at your daughter--this miraculous gift--and soaking in those smiles, smells, coos, charm and snuggles. With each breath, you become more and more in sync together and the life you had before you met those sweet eyes fades in memory and your future brightens and widens as you all explore LIFE together. God is indeed faithful!

    Love and happiness,

    Julie Kent (Momma to Vivian!)

  13. Mae is such a beautiful little girl. Molly and I are very happy for your family and Drew looks forward to meeting her new friend.



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