28 March, 2011

Later in the day

She loves walking the hall - she takes her little biddy steps and it is adorable. She especially loves to hold our hands and walk faster.
proud as can be (:
Her first bath time was a blast - she loves the water.

She does cry, here's proof but mostly it is just for seconds and we are back to smiling again.

Oh how I love every second of her in my arms.
We bundled up and went outside for a bit after dinner. I love her all snuggly and in pink!!

She has completely melted our hearts - there is nothing like it.


  1. Oh how I love her! She is absolutely beautiful! And looks like she is adjusting AMAZINGLY! Our God is so good! I cant wait to hold her :)



  2. We love y'all!! She's so beautiful! Now come back home so we can hold her too!! :-D.

    Lance & Steph

  3. I LOVE seeing her in all the clothes that we found along the way. So many times looking at them imaging her in them. Looks like it all fit perfectly! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to talk!

  4. She is so precious! My heart is just so happy for you guys! Enjoy this time!


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