29 September, 2010

Yep, we have more!

We have found the momma of the little girl on the right. She had our Mae in her photos! We are so tickled to have found each other and share these, our girls are in just about every photo together.

Just look at those toes! I can't wait to kiss that sweet baby!!

Look at that dumplin in the corner! Do you see this sweet baby crawling!? I LOVE the one of her looking up at the other kid. She is such a darling. These photos were taken just a couple of weeks ago, on September 10th.

Here's our girl again in the bottom corner, chewing on a toy... just a snippet but I'll take it! The little entertainer is named Zoie and she's going to meet her forever family in November! I am very excited to keep up with her momma as they go to China.

28 September, 2010

Video of Mae

We found the momma of one of Mae's friends today and she had a video of her daughter and Mae is in it! Mae is the little girl on the left side of the screen (on the nannie's lap). This little girl must share the same room as Mae because she is in our photos too. How amazing is that?!

Just a few seconds of Mae kicking her little leg and clapping with her nannie has me over the moon. I am stunned that we have this little snapshot of our daughter.

NEW photos of Mae

We just got 17 new pictures of Mae... there are no words to express how exstatic we are to see our sweet little daughter. She is standing and so very beautiful! She sees our pictures... I am speechless. I love her more and more with each new day and today is priceless.

The nannies look like they take such great care with her and the room she is in looks amazing for an orphanage.

Mae celebrating another little girl's birthday, Mae is on the left here.

27 September, 2010


We got our fingerprints taken today... this is great and we went in a week earlier than our appointment! We are hoping that means that we will get our I-797 sooner.

25 September, 2010

Our hearts are across the world.

Mae is in an orphanage in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in the People's Republic of China. She is 12 hours ahead of us... so as we are waking up, she is going to bed and when we eat our dinner here, she is starting her new day.

21 September, 2010

Care Package

You can see the care package we are sending for Mae above. We chose to send her the panda that is a little larger (she won't get both), stacking cups, disney princess blanket, camera, a soft photo album (we gave 10 photos for her, so she will get to know our faces, her grandparents, her auntie and uncle and even her brothers blaze and griffin) and candy's for the nannies that take care of her. Also, she will get a pretty little cake that will be shared with the other children in her room and the nannies. This is what we *hope* we will get pictures of... please pray that the nannies do decide to give us new photographs of her.

A wonderful woman in China purchased these things for us so that we could get these things to Mae much sooner. Angela has dedicated herself to helping adoptive families ( LadyBugs nLove.com) We can not thank her enough for her amazing help with this!

Just now we got more news!! We just received our appointment to get our finger prints taken, so that we will get the last piece of paperwork needed for China- this is GREAT news.

20 September, 2010

Little package from our agency

We just received a little package from our agency congratulating us on our daughter. Those words give me chill bumps~ there were all her documents, doctors notes (of course in Chinese) and original photographs that came in a little envelope with her name written on it. I am holding something that came from her orphanage. Unbelievable.

16 September, 2010

Official PA

We just got our Pre-approval Letter from China!!! They know who we are and we can now tell people about our little girl! Oh, and we can get in touch with her orphanage and send her a little care package of things from us. We were told that the Pre-approval could take 2 weeks and it has been 2 days! This is amazing news. Best birthday present I could have.

15 September, 2010

My Birthday

Today is a VERY special day because today I turn the big 3-0. Whew... this is a big birthday not because I have left my twenties but because China Requires that I be 30 to adopt our darling Mae. This means that our agency can give China our Letter of Intent and let them know who we are.

My grandmother, Nanny knew just what to get me too. This adorable Jelly Cat "Cordy Roy" for Mae. I LOVE him. He is my favorite thing (:

13 September, 2010

First Official Docs

We got back our birth certificates today from the Oregon and South Carolina Secretary of States. They look very cool and will be the first of many official looking documents going to China.


We got Mae's little perfect, pink crib... now we just have to get busy painting and getting the other pieces. Oh, yes... I cried today too. It is amazing to walk up the stairs and see her little crib sitting there. Almost hard to believe.
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