28 May, 2011

2 months

It's hard to believe, but Mae has only known us now for two months... Cody reminded me, that is 5% of her little life. Everything in her world has changed: all new sounds, new tastes, completely new surrounding and everyone she knew before us are gone. She is a strong and brave little person. She is only beginning to understand what her new life looks like, who we are and what "momma" and "dada" might mean, that we do care for her, and so far have stayed constant. Although she appears like the most joyous, well adjusted little darling, please don't get offended when we say "no" to your invitation, and stay in our cave... When we ask that we are the only ones that feed her, change her and comfort her. Our desire is to lessen confusion for Mae as much as we can, and grow an unbreakable bond as her parents.

Getting her up after her nap is one of my absolute favorite times in our day. She just smells so good and is so sweet and soft, and her hair is all messy (:
She's looks so small in the corner here... she is just so cute with her paci too.
This is her kitty that she LOVES. In her tired drunkenness she threw it out of her crib today and was very excited to have it back now.

We always look in the mirror together, it is very sweet.
Her dog, it is just too funny. I didn't even have to pose this picture, they are just about always together... in fact, most of the time I am calling him to get out of the picture!
Goldfish in one hand and a purse in the other... this is the way she'd prefer it to always be...
And she is our funny girl, always entertaining.
She goes to our front door, waves at me and says "baaa" (bye) all the time... this means she wants outside. Today she HAD to have her cup, and two purses with her too.
And look who pulled up just as we went outside! She yelled, "DADA!" so excited... which of course made her dad very happy.

She is a precious jewel and we have never been as happy as we are now. God is a God of abundance, His capacity to bless is unlimited and we have never known the overflowing love that we do now.

20 May, 2011

Bathing Suites and Birthdays!

We have been busy having fun with our girl... she is just so entertaining. We spend all of our time laughing with her or staring in awe at this beautiful miracle. I have to say productivity is nearly impossible.
We got her a pool and for a few days it was hot enough to swim in the afternoon (well, I don't know if I'd call it swimming... but she did do some splashing.)
It didn't take very long before she had her BFF in with her. These two are so funny...

My mom's birthday was a few days ago and we celebrated it at our house. Mae got all dolled up for her grandma and rocked and waited for the party to start. I think she looked like a little cupcake with a cherry on top (:

Her rocking horse, tea set and baby doll are her very favorite things right now... she plays with them every single day.
And there's the guest of honor! Happy birthday Grandma~

We are still adjusting and finding our footing... things are getting more routine! The biggest blessing has been all my neighbors cooking us meals. At first I didn't want to accept them, after all they all have their own families at home to cook for. Each meal has brought tears to my eyes as I know the burden they have lifted in such a sweet gesture to welcome our baby girl.

My other gift came on Tuesday when my mom came to watch Mae and sent me to get a pedicure. It is hard for me to leave her right now... she did just fine by the way, and as soon as I left I realized how very much I needed it. I loved the time to myself and the pretty toes I have to show for it (: Since Mae did so well, my mom and dad are coming over tonight and Cody and I are going on our first date. I am looking forward to dinner and movie with my Love but I will miss putting our darling to bed tonight.

09 May, 2011

Mother's Day at the ZOO!

This day was incredible in every way. I was showered with love by my sweet husband; he had some very special things for me and a letter to me that I will always cherish.
And our loving girl makes me melt... kisses from her are so precious.
Cody and I had a date at this zoo 10 years ago, and it has always been one of my favorite memories... today was surpassing.
She LOVED the zoo; I was surprised that she recognized the animals and delighted in watching and pointing to them for as long as we'd let her.

The parakeets were a BIG hit!
The baby panda was sooooo unbelievably cute. Can you see him over Mae's shoulder?

They have a petting zoo and Mae liked meeting the goats.

There are no words to express the feeling I had this day. I am still astonished that we are the parents of this remarkable and beautiful girl... I celebrate being Mae's mom every moment. Today was certainly a memorable and momentous day!

05 May, 2011

Nanny's house

Last night we went to visit my Nanny and had our very first overnight stay with Mae! There was so much comfort in bringing Mae there, and seeing her loved on the same way I was as a child. Those are special arms that picked me up... I've been too big for quite some time now but somehow I relived it today through my daughter. It was a beautiful thing.
And oh how my Nanny loves her great-granddaughter too. I am so thrilled Mae has this family.
This rocking chair has been around for her children, grandchildren and now great-grandchild. Mae loved finding a chair just her size.
Laci (my cousin) has loved Mae since we got her first picture from our agency. She and Mae had a grand time playing today.
Mae has discovered a picture of herself that Nanny keeps on her desk. She was proud, can't you tell.
She is such a doll baby.
My Aunt Carol came right over as soon as she could get there, so she could spend time with Mae. She is so excited for this baby to be home.
And I know Mae loved every minute of love and attention today.
I think she was so happy everyone was there to watch her, she had to make it interesting... She has never fed herself before this. (:
Mae is taking the doggie for a little walk and waving goodbye to all of us.

My grandfather lives across town from my Nanny, so Cody and I got to take Mae to go see him during this trip too! He was completely taken with her and kept repeating "she sure is pretty".
Today was a beautiful and memorable day, but I couldn't help but feel the painful sorrow of the people that meant so much to me that have passed on... I wish so much that they could know our girl. I know they would have loved her greatly and Mae will grow up hearing of their legacy they left here with me. The same way I relived a lot of my childhood joys today, I also am mourning their loss all over again. Having a child makes you see everything so differently. I know they will meet in heaven but today they were greatly missed.
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