28 February, 2015


This child has a love of all things girly. She stands next to me in the bathroom, observing me while I put on my make-up, waiting expectantly for me to brush a little eye shadow or lip color on her. She always asks if she can have some and even if it is the faintest, pale color it always makes her beam with delight.

I used to think all little girls were like this, but that just isn't the case. Jovie Ming has learned to like girly things emulating her big sister... but I know without Mae's urging, Jovie would never wear a tutu or care about glitter and glam.

So a few weeks ago, I asked Mae if she would like to practice putting on my lipstick. How precious it is seeing her completely light up over such a small thing. Red lipstick.  So blessed to witness her sweet fascination with an experience that I sometimes take for granted.

25 February, 2015

Our Snow Day

Finally after a few rough weeks of ER visits, doctor appointments and too many doses of Tylenol to count, my boy is finally himself again and life can return to normal (ie crazy and hectic)...so I am very behind on the blog. A lot has happened here in the Lekberg home... and I will try to blog about it all in the following posts. 

The kids were of course over the moon to wake up to white snow.
The girls went outside in their pajamas to catch snowflakes on their tongues. It is a rare thing in Georgia! Mae said Elsa must be visiting someone nearby. (:

Ian was sick with another bad infection during our snow day. He did get outside for a brief moment. Jovie was very concerned for her beloved brother and made certain to give him her extra love and kisses. 

23 February, 2015

a fancy tea party

 The girls dressed up yesterday and had a make believe princess tea party. I loved capturing this sweet sister time. Do you ever catch a glimpse of your kids and see an older version? The picture below of Jovie gives me a little lump in my throat because I see the teenage version of my baby.

20 February, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!!

We celebrated a little CNY with some decorations, steamed dumplings, red envelopes, and delicious Chinese food.

15 February, 2015

valentine's day donuts

We love our donuts, but there is one special little place near where we used to live that is THE BEST! So Valentine's morning we headed over to Sweet Apple Donuts. Jovie's expression pretty much sums up our love for the delectable treat.

 I bet you knew Mae would pick the one covered in pretty pink sprinkles.

 These donuts never disappoint. (:

 Do you know how much kid's love to get mail!? So to their delight, they each had Valentine's delivered to them from their Nanny.
And no one can escape a little Banjo love. (;

12 February, 2015

be my valentine

 When I was getting my graphic design degree, I don't think the thought EVER crossed my mind that I'd be using it to make my little girl "fancy valentines." God's ideas are better. 


To download the PDF for the valentines just CLICK HERE.

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