15 November, 2010


We found out that we got our Log In Date from China, 11-12-2010. So unbelievable to me! This happened so fast - our dossier was delivered 2 days before this as you can see from the previous posts. Each step of the way has been at rocket speed! Which is more than we could have hoped for... But been an answer to our prayer! I am overwhelmed today to know that this monumental step has already taken place. Now they say the clock starts ticking to get our girl! Next to come will be our "letter of acceptance" - or LOA.

13 November, 2010

Unbelieveable day of Mae!

We got to see new pictures of our dear Mae today and I am over the moon! Look at those baby teeth!! I can not wait to squeeze her! This momma is longing so badly to kiss on those cheeks! We were told (by the wonderful woman in the photo holding her) that she giggled and smiled the whole time they were there with her! She is a happy girl and my peace of mind is knowing that she is getting a LOT of great TLC in China. There are no words to describe the emotions we are feeling seeing her sweet smiling face this morning! I love her beyond reason and I don't even know her sweet laugh yet!

12 November, 2010


We just got the news that our dossier was delivered to the China Center of Adoption Affairs on November 10, 2010. We are waiting for our official LID (log in date) and continuing to pray for this process to be swift and seamless! Our little Mae, WE ARE COMING!! We dream of you every minute and can not wait to start our forever with you baby girl.

05 November, 2010

Dossier to China!!

Our dossier was mailed to China today!!! Our agency just sent the email letting us know! They are several days ahead and we are so overjoyed! Going out to dinner and a movie now (: WHAT A GREAT DAY!!
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