24 August, 2011

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"We have our sick boy back! So relieved to see this face. "

23 August, 2011

Happy TWO year old!!

So, I'm two weeks behind in getting this on the blog... but here's our darling girl's BIG TWO. We did lots and lots of celebrating. Our family celebrated Mae on Saturday and she loved every minute of the festivities. She loved the decorations...She loved the company of people. Aunt Mimi's family (Cody's sister) came all the way from Washington to be with us.

Mae's enjoying some snacks with her Nanny (great-grandmother).
And she LOVED the cake! This was her first taste of frosting and she was very pleased. Her Nonnie (my mom) made this very special, beautiful two layer cake to celebrate 2!
Most of all I think Mae enjoyed her presents. With each one she'd exclaim loudly "oooooooo". It was so fun to see her so happy.

I sewed her this little play house as her gift from us. It just goes over our table so that we she can make believe and have fun with her friends.

We are so overwhelmed with all the love that filled this day. Each and every moment was perfect and we loved sharing this year with our baby girl. It is so unbelievable to remember last year and just loving a far off daughter and a small beautiful face from a few photographs that were given to us. We loved her dearly from across the world but the love that we know now that we have her is beyond measure. We know her so well and it has been less than 5 months with her. She is so sweet, unbelievably funny and quite a character. We can't wait to see what this next year as a family unfolds. It is an adventure like I never knew... there is nothing that can explain it. Being Mae's mom & dad is a daily gift.

I feel like I have to share that we have had a hard time these past couple of weeks... our dog, Griffin has been really sick. Today we still don't know exactly what it wrong with him. This dog is family. Those of you that share the love of an animal know the heartache it is to see them sick. We are praying for his recovery. I so badly want him to come back home and spend many more years as Mae's best friend. If you would please pray for our boy.

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