22 May, 2014

back to the hospital

A lot of you know through Facebook that we were admitted to the hospital last Friday because Jovie had a fever of around 101 every day for 10 days in a row. We knew that was a long time to fight something but honestly did not think I'd be getting a call from her doctor to pack our bags for the hospital. With Mae we have only even needed an antibiotic for her TWICE. She's got crazy immunities I guess! We learned that with Jovie's heart condition we will always have to treat any illness with a higher concern. 

So this weekend we were right back in the hospital — next door to the room we were in just a month ago. This time Jovie was fully aware of everything and knew the drill. Last time she only left her bed a few times and never stood up until the last day... So this time was different. We spent a lot of our time walking this little buggy up and back. 

She was always happier when daddy brought Ian and Mae, the three of our children are so sweet together. Hearing their laughter fill the room was the best. Mae was an extra sweet big sister and showered her with a ton of affection. 

There is so much to be grateful for. I am astounded at the growth in my spiritual walk in just hanging on as this adventure unfolds. I'm stunned by the way God continually takes care of us and even in the smallest details I have felt loved by my Jesus. Going to the hospital again was just dreaded - I knew it would be harder on Jovie to realize she was back there. And as we got the call to pack, I got the word that my friend's daughter was also admitted to the hospital, same hospital, same time, same floor... And she greeted us as we were brought to our room, just four rooms down. For anyone that's stayed in the hospital you know how lonely it is to sit in your room for days. I had a precious friend their to share in our circumstances. And I was not alone. There are so many times that I feel like Jesus is leaving me love letters on my mirror. Having my friend there was one of those moments I just felt like my Savior was showering us with his love. Showing me his goodness. And on Sunday  both of us got to check out and go back home.  

And thankfully, every test they ran came back negative and the doctors were left scratching their heads as to what brought on the fevers. Jovie was free to go back home and we very joyfully loaded up are precious family and thanked God. Jovie hasn't had any fevers since, and yesterday we went back for a follow up appointment and she's all good!!! 

This little spotted chicken was very happy to be back home. All those little sensors fell right off in the bath and she was even happier to be in her bed that night. We all are back under one roof... As it should be. 

Another sweet blessing, we are so incredibly blessed by the nurses that cared for Jovie during our hospital stays. And I just realize how much it's impacted Mae. This was in her backpack yesterday -- the last one says " what I want to be when I grow up" and Mae said "take care of babies." I asked her about it and she said "I want to take care of babies in the hospital. I want to make them feel better. I want to be a hospital girl and I'll take care of you when you're sick too mommy." To our nurses, Chandler and Jennifer at Egleston -- THANK YOU! You don't even know the ways you've blessed this family in just 2 days times. 

13 May, 2014

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I woke up to Mae rushing in our room to exclaim "Happy Mother's Day mommy" which of course was terribly sweet, but as Jovie was startled awake and began to cry in the room next to us, I realize Mae is about 1 1/2 earlier than her usual time of waking up. I brought Jovie into bed with me and while I got precious snuggles with tiger baby, my big girl went with her daddy into the kitchen to make me a special pancake breakfast! Mae is very tender hearted and loves to help and serve others. 
I am so grateful every day that I am given the gift of raising these three very amazing children. 
My favorite part of the day was going with my mom and Mae to get pedicures. Maebelle has never been to get her nails done and has discovered she LIKES it. A lot. She has the cutest little feet, that blue with polka-dots just makes that much cuter. The pleasure I had seeing her so excited was even better than the incredible treat of a pedicure. I loved this special time with just my mom and Mae. It was perfect. 
Cody made sure I had delicious meals all day. We sat outside and enjoyed our little family out on the deck. It is my favorite spot. I love being in the middle of all of the trees, soaking up the early summer night. The temperature is just perfect right now and the sounds of the birds were beginning to be joined by the crickets. Magical. 
These precious three children call me mommy. Mommy. One word that quite literally brings me to my knees. Because I recognize every day what has taken place for that single word to be true. This life with them in it is sweet and full and I am the happiest momma in the world. 

I hope everyone had as lovely a Mother's Day celebrating the blessings of motherhood and most especially to my own momma who is an example of the fiercest kind of love and continual encouragement in my life.  I love you momma!

06 May, 2014

Ian's Birthday

So somehow a week and a half has passed and I still haven't gotten Ian's birthday pictures blogged. Bad mom! I think we had been so crazy and that maybe the adrenaline has worn off now that surgery is behind us... And maybe I'm not fully coming to grips that my son is no longer 2, and it happened so quickly. I don't get to see their baby sides for very long. 

I will finally share our glorious day we got to celebrate Ian! He woke up to all of us singing to him and then got out of bed and tore through his doorway of balloons and was singing "happy birthday to you" and pretty much never stopped singing it for the rest of the day. (: 
We decided on taking the family to the zoo to celebrate. 
Mae, Ian and Jovie got the awesome experience of feeding the giraffes! We all were so thrilled!!

Ian LOVES pandas and so it was so neat to be able to show him a REAL panda bear. He was more than a little happy about seeing them. Blessed my heart so much! 
Leaving the panda area there is a gift shop that only sells pandas and I took him there to pick out a stuffed animal... It was hilarious to see him grinning and kissing every panda in the shop. We made it out with one very special one that he now sleeps with every night. We picked out a small tiger for our Tiger Baby and a baby elephant for Mae too. 

We left the zoo extremely happy and blessed to have had such a perfect time.

We continued celebrating at our house that evening. Ian got his first ever cupcakes, candles and presents! This is the first year that he gets to learn what birthdays are... He was truly impacted and has continued with excitement everyday since with singing the birthday song, carrying around his birthday card and even sleeping with it. It is both happy and sad for me to know we've already missed so much but we will have forever to make up for it! 

He was a pro with the candles, let me tell ya! 

Isn't he delicious?!
He would have been completely thrilled without ever knowing about birthday gifts... We showed him how to tear off the paper and he shouted everytime. He knows how to make ya melt.  

I so love this 3 year old kid. But under no circumstance is he allowed to turn 4!! 

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