22 August, 2014

a boy with sisters

It's a rare day in our house that you don't find our girls in their dress-up clothes, high heels, and necklaces. So, of course, Ian just follows suit with the daily tutu protocol. I have so many pictures of him to use as leverage when he's a teenager. But for now, he really doesn't know why he shouldn't play in a tutu or carry a purse. 

Now, if you are wondering, there is no question he's all boy. He plays with cars, trucks, and tractors. He plays like a boy, climbs like a boy, smells like a boy, he runs instead of walks like a boy and his skin is even tougher (which I just laugh at, but it's true!)  

A few days ago Cody said we should get the boy some BOY dress-up clothes... he said, "at least give the boy some options." Ha! I didn't think of that! I am still trying to get my head into boy mode.

I ordered him a cape and when it came he was very happy with himself.  I could tell because he really did run everywhere then and even swung his arms back to make sure that it flapped behind him. Every day this week he has had his cape on.

What a good daddy to know what his son needed! 

But we still need to find a few more boy "options" for him. 

Well, at least his high heels match his cape...

Any moms with boys have some suggestions of favorite play clothes?

19 August, 2014

box house

Yesterday we got a very large box delivered to our home... Nothing exciting, just a cat liter box and diapers. Big boxes however are a big win here! I dreamed up this little house idea, threw a crockpot meal together, and got to work while the babies napped. And almost 2 hours later I had a cute little cottage... I was so proud of it I was second guessing letting the kids paint it (or even play with it for that matter! Good thing I don't fit in it or I might have kept it for myself.)

So...1 box house, 10 Crayola kids paint in neon colors, and 3 paint brushes has made these kids pleased as punch. They devotedly painted for hours. I truly hope today is one of the days that sticks in their memory.

Nothing got done today, Cody came home to dirty dishes and a mess... But we did have our crockpot dinner.

And now I am enjoying these precious pictures from our fun day!

18 August, 2014

little climber

Don't you think it's time for this boy to get a big boy bed? 

Ian can climb into his bed... thankful he has never tried climbing out.

There are some decisions we have made on behalf of our children that we probably would not have made had we been with them from the start. Such as a crib for a three year old... we decided that we would start Ian in a crib because we believed he was in one in the orphanage and wanted him to have a bed he was comfortable in. Also, we have a rule that our kids stay in bed at night and didn't want him getting out right from the start and not understanding English well enough to know what we wanted from him.

We gave Mae and Jovie bottles even though they were 20 months and 2 years old... but that is what they were used to. I still have Chinese formula in my pantry for Jovie (she wasn't interested in formula after we got home with 3 big containers we packed from China). I especially remember giving Mae a bottle every evening... it was a precious bonding time.

These babies grow so fast.

So yeah, I think Ian is ready to have a big bed... hopefully soon.

11 August, 2014

happy, happy birthday Mae Juan!

Yesterday we celebrated our big girl. I can not believe I have a five year old!!

Mae has asked for frozen dolls for her birthday for at least a month, so we placed Elsa and Anna outside her door to be the first to greet her.

Then we went to IHOP for special pancakes. The staff even came to our table and sang to her... Which really took her by surprise.

We had told Mae she could do whatever she wanted for her birthday and all she said she wanted to do was to "play games". We asked her if she wanted a party and she said, "no, I just want to play family games." With that being her one and only request we made a special day out of it!!

First we went bowling - it was fun but tired the kids out pretty quickly!

Then, after naps we had family games galore in the basement! Mae had no idea that we were planning any of this so she was positively delighted.

We had a very memorable game night and most importantly our birthday girl felt very loved. She got presents that were perfect for a grown up 5 year old.

Seeing her in these dangly earrings just about kills me... She's getting so big and grown. She insists that now that she is five she can help me even more. She really is our little sunshine.

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