24 January, 2011

Baby Shower!

I am overwhelmed beyond words to write - My sweet sister planned this incredible shower and poured into every detail. There was yummy Chinese dishes, Chinese teas and decorations. My friends filled the room and blessed me beyond belief. Cody and I are so fortunate to have such unbelievable people in our lives and it was such a memorable day. As you can see from the pictures Mae had heaps and heaps of gifts and each one touched us. I'm still looking at it all with amazement... we are so close to needing this stuff!! (:

18 January, 2011


For one who waits,
A moment seems like an eternity.
—fortune cookie message

Just one more step closer to getting our darling... today our provisional approval for our i800 came. Now there are only a few small steps and we will be holding our baby in our arms! It definitely looks like early March is when we will be traveling. In the mean time, Cody and I have been hard at work on Mae's little nursery. It's just about perfect (: Here's a peak.

Also, I am very much looking forward to a couple of baby showers for Mae! (one this weekend & one next weekend) It will be so fun and exciting to celebrate all together... this beautiful and amazing blessing thats about to change our lives completely!

06 January, 2011

We have an update!

Oh she is sooo beautiful, isn't she! I love that they dressed her in a little outfit with "M" on it! They don't know her name will be Mae but it is just too perfect (:

They told us her measurements and she weighs 18.5 lbs (: She's our little peanut! She is walking and saying "mama, baba" (Baba is daddy in Chinese). Believe it or not they also said she's being potty trained, but still in diapers, and doesn't know her colors yet. They are a little ahead over there, I'd say. (: Our darling is growing up!

They also, told us they moved her to a foster family that has a foster mom and dad and their daughter. They call her Juan Juan! Which is so perfect because that is the name we chose to keep for her middle. Mae Juan Lekberg!

My favorite thing was they told us "she is outgoing and loves animals" -- That is too amazing to hear, we've been so worried how she'll feel about our dogs (: God's got all the details worked out.
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