20 July, 2014

Six months later

These two are undeniably ours, daughter and son, so dearly loved and yet just 6 months ago we were strangers. Today is a marker of half a year ago, half way across the world, when we met two babies that didn't know what mommies and daddies even were. They didn't trust us, even though we tried our best... We struggled to communicate, we battled with their grief, we faced the challenges of Mae learning to be a big sister, I survived them being car sick, we battled Ian's fears, we sat bedside and watched our baby girl undergo major open heart surgery, we had to adjust to being a family. Yes, it has been a roller coaster of emotions and some days have been long, but nothing could amount to the exceeding joy these children bring to our lives.

As our first six months together comes to an end, I can honestly say, wow. I could never have dreamed how six months could profoundly change five lives so much. Our family has grown... And I don't mean in the number sense. 

I hardly recognize the children we held on gotcha day. They've come so far, and changed individually so much. We've seen new sides to their personalities and a tremendous amount of love has been shared. We really, truly enjoy each other. We have bonded. Has it really only been six months? Wow

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