13 December, 2013

Well Overdue Update

So I know it's been months... and I'm sorry!  Life has been so nuts.

So to quickly fill you in, at the end of September we put our house up for sale. It was not something we had planned on doing... in fact, our plan all along has been to move in spring after we got everyone home and settled after Jovie's surgery. Several friends told us within days of each other that moving in spring after the kids came home would not be a good idea.  So we prayed about it and put our house for sale knowing it would have to sale super-quick if we were going to make it work. We had 4 people interested in the house and had a bidding war with offers and it sold for what we wanted. The people that we sold our house to bought with cash and closed so fast I only had ONE week to pack up our house (that we've lived in for 10 years, mind you, we have collected a lot of stuff!) Okay, even now it's amazing to me! Praise goes to God!

We found another house that is everything we've ever wanted - beautiful house in a perfect location, it has a yard for the kids, and a driveway that they will be able to ride their bikes on. We moved in on October 18 and every day here I wake up in amazement that it all took place. I wonder when it will finally sink in?

We did not realize that moving would mean that another homestudy had to take place, though, and an amendment to our I-800 ): we thought that since we were past China's acceptance we would be good... It put us back a little more- boo! But everything has been done and resubmitted and right now we are on the LAST item. Our Article 5 should come on Monday, and it's then sent to Beijing for (drum roll!!!!!!)


When we get our travel approval, we will book our tickets. Our agency has estimated that we will be there January 15. Chinese New Year is at the end of January and if our travel approval does not come quickly enough, we will be have to wait until after the Chinese New Year.

I know to everyone else this is just a few weeks... but to us it's so important.  PLEASE I ask you for your prayers that we would be there before Chinese New Year and have these sweet children home in February.

Two nights ago I got this gorgeous girl's photographs and a short update. When I saw this picture of her, it quite literally took my breath away. 

She loves to run and play with her friends! She is also an expert at watching those around her and copying their actions and repeating their words! One of her favorite people to copy has been her nurse Ednalyn! Ming Yu follows her around during daily rounds and tries to do all the things her nurse does! Ming Yu also recently started preschool. Although she was a bit shy at first, she has warmed up to the idea and now enjoys going.
We also just learned that Jovie has been at Maria's Big House of Hope. This is such a great place, and is specifically build for orphans with special needs. There are doctors on staff there and I know that she has received the absolute best care. It is such a blessing to know she has been in a place like this.

Very soon I will be kissing those cheeks!!!  I can't hardly stand it any longer!!! I want us to be together, as it should be. 

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