29 October, 2014


On Saturday I got my scissors and took Ian out the back deck and started chopping his hair.  I've cut his hair a couple of times now but I guess I've been getting lucky... because I know zilch about cutting hair, and well Saturday showed for it. I botched it up real good. (To my credit Ian was pitching a fit the whole time, refusing to stay still and all in all was a nightmare!)

If you look below at the fall festival pictures you will see the sad shape I left him in. Every time I saw him I would cringe and I kept saying to Cody that we need to buzz him to fix my mess. So the clippers came out and yet again, my night in shining armor came to the rescue. Oddly Ian didn't cry and braved the clippers wonderfully. AND my boy is super cute with short buzzed hair. I absolutely love it more than ever. Buzz from now on... looks like Cody can add one more thing to his list of many talents. (:

27 October, 2014

fall fun

We went to Mae's school fall festival on Saturday night and enjoyed free entertainment and dinner for all of us (burger, chips, drink and dessert x5) was only $10.00—gotta love that!

If you've been following the blog than you've seen these whimsy little wings before... well, now Ian has a pair of dragon wings to match with his sisters!What do you think of the boy version?  I think a dragon is pretty fitting.

These wings have been the best gift to the girls... they put their wings on and dance around the house daily. And I love the new fanciful masks their Nonna found for them too. 

23 October, 2014

ocean splender

 How great is our God? No, that's not a question, How GREAT is our God!
The beach is just one of those places that draws me to Him every time. The ocean is something overwhelmingly grand, breathtaking in it's volume, and humbling to feel so miniature on it's shore.  
 I am small.
I have limitations.
God is immeasurable, infinite.
He created this ocean with a single word.
It leaves me astounded.

But not as much as this realization, that we are able to have an intimate relationship with God
because we are in Christ.

21 October, 2014

hello sea & sand...

Our family took a little adventure to the beach... this was the first time for Ian and Jovie. We got to give them the experience of seeing the wide open skies, hearing waves crashing and feeling sand between their toes. It really humbles me each and every time I get to experience a FIRST with them.

Although Jovie is normally our fearless Tiger baby, we realized pretty quickly that the waves intimidated her. 
She wanted to be f-a-r from their reach... 
but Ian, on the other hand, had no reservations of the growing tide.  
There were so many times we thought a wave was about to knock him out
but he always escaped at the last moment. 
Mae was very busy running back and forth, 
and got right to work making mud pies and finding sea shells.

This first day at the beach was pure bliss, 
my three sweet babies were soaked and thoroughly coated with a thick layer of sand
and could not be happier! (: 

14 October, 2014

Farm Love

We went to Cagle Farm and it was worth every cent! If you are in the Atlanta area I highly recommend this little attraction this fall. We took a hay ride, saw border collies herd sheep and cows (did you know the dogs have to know their left from their right??) We had a little cow milkin' lesson, pig races and there were these amazing jumping pillows that the kids went crazy about, better than any trampoline! It was such a fun day!! 

This is for sure my favorite time.

03 October, 2014

Stick bug

A little science lesson landed on our front door this afternoon. I thought a stray stick was stuck to my wreath and was so close to picking it off, when I realized it was a walking stick. How cool is our God? Seriously? This little insect is fascinating to me...thank you God for creating stick bugs.

02 October, 2014

it's oh so good

Today we had Ian's neurology appointment to discuss the small tumor they found on Ian's spinal cord. I guess I didn't realize just how much I was holding my breathe about this... because after we walked out of the doctors office I felt a giant boulder of stress leave me. 

It turns out Ian's tumor is not large enough to worry about removing now (and maybe ever!!). The doctor is very hopefully that it wouldn't cause him any problems. It's not just the size that mattered, but also the location. Ian's spinal cord ends at L2 ( and not L1 like most people) but this is very minor... and we were told today that the majority of cases like Ian's end at L3 or L4, which does pose a problem. Have I lost you yet?  It's very GOOD news. No surgery to remove the tumor, just keeping an eye on it as he continues to grow to make sure that nothing changes. 

Ian will still have a surgery for his anal atresia sometime soon, so he's not out of the woods (we would love your continued prayers), but this surgery we've known all along would happen.

And have I mentioned we have ROCKSTAR doctors. Seriously. We are so blessed to have all these medical geniuses caring for our family. 

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