18 February, 2011

We got our Article 5

We received an e-mail today from our agency that we have our Article 5 (signed 2nd acceptance letter) and now it is off to Beijing for our travel approval!! wooohooo! It typically takes about 2-4 weeks to get travel approval... Then we can book our tickets! One step closer tonight (:

15 February, 2011

Baby Shower #2

This shower was so dreamy, my Aunt Julie has a gift for decorating, and arranging everything in a beautiful way... the love that went into everything and everyone there filled this house with so much love it is unexplainable. I am so blessed by these people... that have a great love for our daughter!

Bridget is admiring the sweet new baby for Mae from my aunt Julie.
The table of food was amazing... samplings of sweets and sandwiches, even chinese candies. Every detail was amazing and DE-LICIOUS!
This is a very wonderful group... all my wonderful family that traveled from out of town to be there.

My nanny painted this from a painting that I saw and loved... she made it even more special by each stroke being her own. She is so very talented!

As you can see this stool was painted to match and completely melts my heart. What a thoughtful gift from Gloria that Mae will have to cherish.

Potty seat from my sister... it came with m&m candies too... because that is how our mom bargained us into potty training (:
Sweet strawberry hat that I adore from Melanie. Can't wait to see this on our girl!
This quilt is so special... my great-grandmother quilted the squares many years ago and my mom's dear friend, Mary has put it all together for our sweet Mae. I am so excited for Mae to have a piece of her Great Great Grandmother and how special it is that even though my Mama Ma has passed on years ago, this quilt was made just for Mae. Thank you Mary.

My Aunt Julie is the host of this amazing day and I am blown away by her great talent and love that made this all so perfect!
My mom and all her wonderful friends that have been instrumental in my life.
My sister, me and mom... I am so blessed to have the most amazing family. Mae will be one LOVED little girl.
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