18 August, 2013

Mae's Money

I use this blog like my scrapbook... I love looking back and seeing all the things we've done and all the ways Mae has grown. Yesterday was, in some a ways, a step to becoming a big girl for Mae. She had gotten a few dollars for her birthday in a card from Grandma and this was the first time Mae was really excited about having her own money. We have a piggie bank for Mae and she wanted to put her money together and count it. She had $13 dollars.

We wanted to take this time to start teaching her to give a part and save a part.  She will give a dollar at church and save a dollar for later, so today she had $11 to spend.

So, we went to Walmart and walked in and asked her where she wanted to go in the store and what she wanted to buy. This child's answer was so precious, it made me cry right there in Walmart. She said she wanted to buy some clothes for Jovie. Gah! how is it that she is so sweet!? Her daddy explained to her that we would buy Jovie and Ian's clothes and that she could find something for herself.

We walked every aisle in the toy section. Mae just really is a great kid that hardly ever asks for anything. She seemed more happy to be walking the store than to really be interested in anything. We started pointing things out to her and she finally got excited about some mega blocks that she could use with her blocks at home to build a castle.

We went home to go build blocks and with a thankful heart to have such an incredible girl. 

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