22 August, 2014

a boy with sisters

It's a rare day in our house that you don't find our girls in their dress-up clothes, high heels, and necklaces. So, of course, Ian just follows suit with the daily tutu protocol. I have so many pictures of him to use as leverage when he's a teenager. But for now, he really doesn't know why he shouldn't play in a tutu or carry a purse. 

Now, if you are wondering, there is no question he's all boy. He plays with cars, trucks, and tractors. He plays like a boy, climbs like a boy, smells like a boy, he runs instead of walks like a boy and his skin is even tougher (which I just laugh at, but it's true!)  

A few days ago Cody said we should get the boy some BOY dress-up clothes... he said, "at least give the boy some options." Ha! I didn't think of that! I am still trying to get my head into boy mode.

I ordered him a cape and when it came he was very happy with himself.  I could tell because he really did run everywhere then and even swung his arms back to make sure that it flapped behind him. Every day this week he has had his cape on.

What a good daddy to know what his son needed! 

But we still need to find a few more boy "options" for him. 

Well, at least his high heels match his cape...

Any moms with boys have some suggestions of favorite play clothes?


  1. Love it! Ian looks so happy. Hate to be gender exclusive but our boy bin has a firefighter, construction worker, police officer, knight, doctor, and Woody costume. But I have been collecting for a few years ;) Miss you guys!

  2. I understand as Junie is a sister among 3 brothers. She has told me she wants to be a pirate or a ninja for Halloween. Love her feisty, tomboy side since I was such a timid girly girl, but am definitely putting her in dresses and bows while I can! So funny!


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