08 November, 2014

born in a far, far away land...

Mae has a love of her story. She delights in hearing how we crossed the ocean to get her. When she plays with her baby dolls, she tells me how she just brought them home from China... if not that, then she is pretend packing for a voyage to China because there is a baby waiting for her. She is continually telling me she was "born in a far, far away land." She truly is a princess born in a far, far away land.

I love that at a young age she may have a glimpse of the fairytale-like story of the way her God loves her... pursues her and rescues her. All of us have a redemption story.  We are sons and daughters of the King of Kings because he has adopted us to be his. God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure. Ephesians 1:5

Having adopted,  I can tell you what this means to me. We didn't do anything to earn this, we were helpless, fatherless, left alone we would have been orphans in a far, far away land. But we were chosen. The journey of adoption takes determination; it takes purposeful planning. Longing to be with your child is overwhelming. God sent his son into this world and started his adoption journey. Jesus walked this earth because God was longing to be with us. He chose the cross in order to adopt you. His sacrifice was his commitment of love.

Love has won.


  1. All I can do is smile and feel happy, your beautiful bring a bright cloud to an otherwise bleak day. And Beautiful Mae, amazing young lady, but what else can you expect when she has such inspiring parents such as you and Cody, Bless you and your family xo

  2. Beautiful all the way around! To China and back!!! XOXO


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