04 January, 2015

Jovie Ming's BIRTHDAY

Jovie Ming:

 She is independent as all get out. She shines from the inside out. Strong and brave, and the very definition of joy. Her laugh is the very best. She is the nurturer, always looking for ways to comfort or help her family (or a stranger if she sees there's a need).  She is brilliantly smart and is constantly amazing us with her tenacity. She is tigerbaby.

Happy Birthday Jovie Ming!! My child, my joy. I could not have dreamed of a greater happiness than getting to be your momma.

We went to IHOP, like we always do. She did enjoy her pancake but we know she just isn't feeling herself.

So we planned to have a low-key day at home and let her pick a movie to go home and watch. And that evening we went to a hibachi grill. The kids have never gone before so it was a fun night. Ian did not like the fire the guy made at all...but once food started appearing on his plate he was happy. There was someone there twisting balloons and came and made the kids some fun prizes to take home. We had a very nice night and Mae has already said that this is where she wants to go for her birthday (that's some time away my dear, it's in August).

Tomorrow morning we will be going to Eggeston for Jovie's surgery. PLEASE keep us in your prayers. I know we say that a lot on this blog but I have the best and most wonderful prayer warrior friends AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE WOULD DO WITHOUT YOU! Yes, that was me yelling at YOU! YOU ROCK!!
thank you! thank you for loving these children and our family.


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