06 January, 2015

update from room 2143

Monday morning (yesterday) we woke up early and headed down to Eggleston. We were told to go to the emergency room and tell them our oral surgeon has us as an add-on for surgery.  They were already expecting us and checked us all in. You know how it goes, everyone in the emergency room came to see her, listen to her heart, etc. and then was the dreaded IV. Jovie is upset by anyone coming around in a white coat but having to hold her down while she is screaming and getting poked is especially heart wrenching.
Every time Jovie has any type of trouble, or surgery she will come to Eggleston for it and stay in the step unit on the heart floor. So when they moved us out of the emergency room and into her room she was instantly more comfortable. It is soooo wonderful here. The rooms are really nice, these nurses know and love her and are AMAZING! And there's a playroom so little girl has fun distractions while we wait.

The doctor came in and told me that chances of her having surgery today are slim. What?! Oh no, that means we spend the night, have surgery and stay again for observation. Boooo!! And I have arrangements for the kids (although I knew my parents would happily keep them longer, if we needed them to), our bags are packed for 1 night, my new puppy has care today but not 3 days... My mommy mind started spinning. AND this sweet baby has hurt long enough! Y'all are with me, right? So I was praying something in the OR would open up so they could fit her in... And at 2:30 her nurse came in and said there's an opening and she's going to surgery in 30 minutes. I had been waiting for this but as soon as she said that I got butterflies in my stomach.
They gave her the verset (goofy juice) and wheeled her off and she looked back at me as they left.
That part just doesn't get any easier, no matter how many times we've had to do this now.
I paced the floor until the surgeon was finished and came to tell me her tooth was extracted and he really didn't think it looked as terrible as he thought... Based on her pain and swelling he thought it was going to be even worse.

She came back to me with a big hole in her mouth but feeling sooooo much better and ready to finally get to eat!!! She devoured her dinner and has been in great spirits!

You don't get the greatest sleep in the hospital but our nurse was very stealth and I think Jovie got a lot of sleep.

This morning they came in and did an ECHO to check her heart. They are so thorough with these heart babies. They will compare this ECHO today with her last one and tell us if anything has changed. We should know today what they think.

She had another hardy meal for breakfast... Waaaay more food than she would get at home (:

thank you so much for praying for Jovie Ming! She is just so precious and I'm so happy she's out of pain and seeing her back to herself! We are hanging out until they tell us we can go home... Ready to get back home and back to normal.


  1. Bless her sweet heart and tooth!!! I have plenty of those big things in my littles tooth boxes. Some with silver caps too. I am so thankful she is better and praying for NO MORE sick ones. XOXO

  2. So sorry I missed your post and do hope you are all home and recovered! Hoping 2015 does not continue on this "exciting" path and slows down for y'all! ;)


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