13 May, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

 Mae's class invited all the mommies to a tea on Thursday.  It was precious and I realized that this was my first time getting to do this... I know many of the other mommies knew this song and dance.  Well, it was heartwarming and memorable.  The class lined up and sang a song, "If I had a little tiny box to put my mommy in, I'd take her out and muh, muh, muh." Mae is one of the more animated little entertainers of the class.  I love to see her lit up with all smiles -- all because I'm there!!

Mae made a place mat, served me lunch for a change (and ate several berries herself). While we ate, the teachers read recipes of the children's favorite food their mommies make for them.  I knew as soon as I heard "sugar" that this was her recipe.  Our girl thinks sugar goes to make every good dish. 
On Sunday, Cody made sure that I felt extra attention and love.  I am so fortunate to have a man that is my support and help in every way he can, every day of the year.  We got to have lunch with my mom and celebrate together. All day I kept thinking how mind-blowing it will be to have six little feet running to me and six little arms around my neck.  Today I am just incredibly grateful God called us into this journey... I am greatly humbled to be able to have this child call me Mommy. I can not wait for the day our Ian & Jovie learn who their mommy is.

Cody got me a very precious necklace, "m, i, j" that I got earlier in the week.  
And he took Mae to help him pick out flowers.  She chose these gorgeous roses. 
 Cody has been gone out of town with work this week and came home Saturday morning.  Mae has really missed her daddy.  Every morning her first words are, "Is Daddy home?" And if he's not, "Daddy coming home tonight for dinner?" This morning she took it a little further and said, "Daddy take me to school tomorrow?"  She is certainly her Daddy's girl. 

 She sent him this little message on Friday.
This is Saturday morning, as soon as Daddy came home, she had a grand celebration for him. I felt the same way... my heart is so full (:

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