22 May, 2013

New Music

I think many of you are like me... music is so important to me. I keep pandora playing all throughout the day. Recently, I have completely fallen in love with Ellie Holcomb... I love her voice and her words are magnificent.  Her and her husband are involved in Younglife and have played for various summer camps. 

I hope this will bless you as much as it did me, here's my favorite song from EP.  Anchor of Hope!
I could listen to this all day.

Ellie Holcomb Magnolia EP

Listen, and let me know what you think.


  1. Beautiful. When Roy puts down our anchor on our sail boat, it HOLDS. it is a wonderful security knowing that as the winds blow and seas are rough that our anchor HOLDS and our boat stays put. I love this song because i can relate it to what God does for us in the storms we encounter. he HOLDS us. I also love her voice

    1. Mary, I love the picture of God holding us too. I've never been on a boat through a storm but I know you've been there many times. I'm so glad we've been given an anchor.


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