02 April, 2014

At the doctor for Ian

Today was Ian's appointment with the pediatric gastrointestinal doctor. I don't think we've shared Ian's "special need" on the blog, partly to protect his privacy and partly because it's just not fun stuff to talk about. 

Ian was born with esophageal atresia and anal atresia. In layman's terms he was born with a hole between his esophus and trechea and the opening to his anus was missing. He underwent surgery in China that saved his life. When he was brought to the hospital his lungs were filled with fluid and he suffered from severe pneumonia. A very special nurse, Ms. Zhu at the hospital in Pingdingshan, advocated for him to find people to monetarily sponsor him to receive the necessary surgery to save his life. He spent 80 days in the hospital and then went to an orphanage in Beijing. (The pictures above were taken by nurse Zhu).

We wanted to get Ian in front of a specialist to find out what this means for him. The doctor told us today that continence will be problem for Ian. We already suspected he had no control over his bowel movements. Right now that means a lot of diaper changes, but as he gets older this will be much more of an issue for him. We hope we can find the answers to help him.

We've also noticed a rattle in his chest after he eats or drinks and this may mean he still has a hole between his esophus and treachea, allowing fluids to go to his lungs. If he does, that will mean surgery for him in the near future. 

We will have several tests done to find out exactly what's going on with Ian. The signs could point to him having a syndrome called Vater or Vacterl (we were told by the doctor not to google, wise advise) so I don't even know what that could mean. We are taking things as they come. We are not surprised by this report today though. The doctor kept saying Ian was a project; he didn't mean it in a bad way, just that there were a lot of things to figure out for him. We will do everything we can to enrich our children's lives and finding them the medical care to help them. 

Jovie was just happy this doctors visit wasn't about her. 

We are sharing this today because we have felt the complete outpouring of love and prayer surrounding Jovie's heart. Our friends and family have prayed on their knees and shared our bitty girls story with  other prayer warrior friends and we don't even know how many people are lifting her up but IT IS GOOD! And God is answering our prayers. 

Let me share our good news... Jovie's blood coagulation was abnormal, meaning it wasn't clotting the way it should,  putting her at a greater risk for surgery. We asked our friends to pray for her when we found this out on Thursday last week.  We had more blood tests done on Friday to find out why it was abnormal. Today her blood work came back, and she is NORMAL now. The doctor said "keep doing what you're doing;" prayer was the answer he had for this change in her blood. God heals - he is the great physician and I love that Jovie's doctor recognizes this too. Jovie is set for surgery next Thursday as planned.

As we draw closer to heart surgery, it is getting harder and harder to think clearly. In my mind I am trying not to think about it, but it's always there. There's a lot we have on us with this, but Cody and I rest in the assurance that we are not alone. 

I'm looking forward to six weeks from now when our family is on the other side of Jovie's surgery and enjoying the summer together. Very shortly our little Jovie Ming won't have to fight to keep up with her crazy sister and brother! (: 


  1. Praying for you- that you will get the answers you need, the doctors you deserve and the miracles you are praying for!

  2. Bless you as you all walk this journey! God knew all these things and chose your family to love your babies to health! I am praying for you all and know God has gone before preparing all things! Love you very much! sharon

  3. Prayer works! You have them from so many of your readers. Thank you for sharing this need.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I've been praying for everyone, an for Ian while not knowing exactly what to pray for.


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