13 April, 2014

Step Down Unit

Yesterday afternoon we were able to move to the step down unit... So we now have our own room!!! 

I finally got to hold her too. It was well overdo - I could feel my sweet darling melting into my arms. She's needed this... And so have I! 

Last night I was able to stay the night with her. She's still been sleeping almost all of the time and is still in a lot of pain, so they are giving her something around the clock. It's just been a couple of times we've heard her sweet voice. Last night we face-timed with Mae and Jovie Ming surprised us all when she made the kissing noise when she heard her big sister voice. I am so blessed by the bond these children already share. Mae prayed last night and thanked Jesus for Jovie's pink toes. 

This morning they came and took us to go get X-rays. So all the sweeties on this floor ride down in radio flyer wagons. I think Jovie enjoyed the little trip outside of her room. This trip will be a daily 4am wake up call while we stay here. 


  1. LOVE seeing that precious babe in your arms! There is nothing sweeter! Thinking about you on that 4am constitution! XOXO

  2. Oh what amazing blessings to see her recovering and I know it wears mamas and daddy's hearts to watch her go through all this. So grateful for Gods hand of healing and protection over her and you all!!! Thinking and praying for her contd!


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