16 April, 2014

Leaving the hospital

We were discharged from the hospital last night. It felt AMAZING to walk out of our room and out of there with our girl. 

These last 5 days have been the hardest days. I can't even tell you the relieve it is to be going home. Jovie was sick throwing up a lot yesterday and threw up most of our way home. I can only imagine how painful throwing up is to her. Luckily she hasn't thrown up anymore. 

This morning she starting to walk around the house some. She moved slowly and with caution but went up and down the hallway and it was so strange not to hear her breathing hard!! I am so used to being able to hear her wherever she is. She also put on her jacket like she's always done but I wonder what she thought when she realized she doesn't get cold anymore. Her nose has run everyday that we've known her and her fingers are always ice cold. The change we see already is just a miracle!

Mae has been so incredibly sweet to Jovie. I've caught her kissing her so many times today. 
Jovie will need some time to recover - she gets meds around the clock and we will need to be extra careful with her until she heals. They said it will take 8 weeks for her body to heal. Tomorrow will be 1 week, it's pretty incredible the way God designed our bodies. 
So we have a follow up appointment with her surgeon next week and her cardiologist the week after next to make sure things are all going well. It amazes me what doctors can do and how quickly Jovie is recovering. Imagine how much her life has changed in 6 days. Forever. 

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  1. Bless sweet Jovie and you all! SO thankful she is home and being loved back to health! Thankful!!! Blessings and love!


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