29 October, 2014


On Saturday I got my scissors and took Ian out the back deck and started chopping his hair.  I've cut his hair a couple of times now but I guess I've been getting lucky... because I know zilch about cutting hair, and well Saturday showed for it. I botched it up real good. (To my credit Ian was pitching a fit the whole time, refusing to stay still and all in all was a nightmare!)

If you look below at the fall festival pictures you will see the sad shape I left him in. Every time I saw him I would cringe and I kept saying to Cody that we need to buzz him to fix my mess. So the clippers came out and yet again, my night in shining armor came to the rescue. Oddly Ian didn't cry and braved the clippers wonderfully. AND my boy is super cute with short buzzed hair. I absolutely love it more than ever. Buzz from now on... looks like Cody can add one more thing to his list of many talents. (:

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