21 October, 2014

hello sea & sand...

Our family took a little adventure to the beach... this was the first time for Ian and Jovie. We got to give them the experience of seeing the wide open skies, hearing waves crashing and feeling sand between their toes. It really humbles me each and every time I get to experience a FIRST with them.

Although Jovie is normally our fearless Tiger baby, we realized pretty quickly that the waves intimidated her. 
She wanted to be f-a-r from their reach... 
but Ian, on the other hand, had no reservations of the growing tide.  
There were so many times we thought a wave was about to knock him out
but he always escaped at the last moment. 
Mae was very busy running back and forth, 
and got right to work making mud pies and finding sea shells.

This first day at the beach was pure bliss, 
my three sweet babies were soaked and thoroughly coated with a thick layer of sand
and could not be happier! (: 

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous captures Kristen!!! we took Madeline to the beach this summer - and the first time she ran out to the water all brave and fearless and then the first tide/wave crashed and it was fear and intimidation the entire trip after that - :) but amazing memories!


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