02 October, 2014

it's oh so good

Today we had Ian's neurology appointment to discuss the small tumor they found on Ian's spinal cord. I guess I didn't realize just how much I was holding my breathe about this... because after we walked out of the doctors office I felt a giant boulder of stress leave me. 

It turns out Ian's tumor is not large enough to worry about removing now (and maybe ever!!). The doctor is very hopefully that it wouldn't cause him any problems. It's not just the size that mattered, but also the location. Ian's spinal cord ends at L2 ( and not L1 like most people) but this is very minor... and we were told today that the majority of cases like Ian's end at L3 or L4, which does pose a problem. Have I lost you yet?  It's very GOOD news. No surgery to remove the tumor, just keeping an eye on it as he continues to grow to make sure that nothing changes. 

Ian will still have a surgery for his anal atresia sometime soon, so he's not out of the woods (we would love your continued prayers), but this surgery we've known all along would happen.

And have I mentioned we have ROCKSTAR doctors. Seriously. We are so blessed to have all these medical geniuses caring for our family. 

1 comment:

  1. oh Praise God about that finding and possibly no surgery ever on that!!!
    contd prayers for the other surgery though and your kiddos are SOOOOO cute - I could eat them up!!!! <3 <3 <3


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