19 July, 2013

Ian update!!

Our agency requested an update for both Ian and Jovie, and today Ian's orphanage sent them a reply with an update and this picture of our handsome boy.

He sounds like he's doing very well and has sure grown up. He is 2 years and 2 months now. I have not taken my eyes off this picture all day.

They said his personality is bright and lively. He can walk very steadily without falling, and goes up and down stairs everyday. (My favorite is they said, "when he walks, both of his arms will sway.")

His language ability is good and he understands everything the nannies tell him. He can communicate pretty well by speaking and pointing. He knows the names of his nannies and of the other children.

He can eat food and drink on his own. He cooperates and helps put on his clothes and can take off his clothes, shoes and socks. He knows how to zip up zippers that are on the front of his body.

He really likes to draw with crayons, "sometimes he draws outside of the lines."

He is 24 lbs and 31 inches tall.

He loves to play with other children and "when he sees them doing an activity, he will become very interested and immediately get involved with what they're doing and imitate their actions. He explores the environment around him and every now and then will go to the nannies' sides."

He is "doing great in every aspect."

So as you could guess, I feel very emotional tonight. I might even eat a carton of ice cream, if I had one to eat. I love getting this update and hearing he is doing well and is healthy. It is a relief! But you just don't even know the mixture of emotions in an adoptive mommy's heart. I love him so much but I hardly know him. I look at this picture and he is my child, but he is unfamiliar to me. I have memorized the other pictures, but this one is new. I study it trying to draw out anything that I can to get to know my son. I know it won't be long before I know every freckle, but tonight I am soaking in a few paragraphs and staring at these dark beautiful eyes and big kissable lips. He's a mystery... He's MY son.


  1. I can feel the Love all the way to England

  2. It is such a mix of emotions!!!
    He is such handsome boy!

    He is around the same size and age as our lil bit
    She is 22.5 lbs (last update) and almost 23 months old ;)

    Praying for you all!!!


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