23 July, 2013

Kissing Cheeks!

I feel like adoption is just a wild roller coaster of emotions.  And, ever since we received the update on Friday I have been unable to shake the knot in my stomach, frog in my throat, and have constantly been on the verge of tears.  This is so tough. I want so badly to know about our children and receive these updates, but it really messes me up.

So all that to say, last night I was trying to research the foster home that we were told Ian is in.  I kept googling and never did find much on Angel's Home.  I did however find a thread on a forum of someone saying that their son started in Pingdingshan CWI and went to Angel's home and that there was a website. So, I emailed the person that wrote this, hoping I could reach her.  My hope was to maybe see some pictures of the facility (like we found on Jovie's foster home's site.)

This morning the woman that I contacted wrote back and what we have found is so unbelievably more than pictures of the facility... it was a page dedicated to our boy, with pictures.

The above pictures were posted in December, and they said that he started walking without assistance, he rarely gets sick, and that he's clingy and likes to be held. 
These were taken right after he turned one years old. I am going to go nuts looking at the bottom right photo here. I can not stand how cute he is!!

And these were baby pictures when he first got to Angel's home. He weighed only 7lbs. 4oz when he arrived at 2 months old. We know he spent the first 80 days in the hospital... so he went straight here and has been here the whole time.  This is so great to put the pieces together!

Also, this foster home seems WONDERFUL (just like Jovie's) and if we were to choose the places our children would be, these foster homes are pretty much the best.

So, we know a little more about our son and these pictures have actually helped me today.  They are pictures of him in his environment, doing things, and that just says so much. Like how tiny he looks standing next that bicycle, and my gracious, those lips! (:


  1. Wow! What an amazing blessing to have these pictures!!! I pray we recover some pictures of our girl before she was 18months old but that is rare!!! What a blessing and what a precious precious boy!!!
    Bless your mama heart today!

  2. Such a treasure to have these to be able to show him one day :).

  3. Oh he's so adorable!!! I loved getting any pictures I could. It is such a blessing to have those pictures of when they were little! So happy for you!


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