09 July, 2013

Monday Funday :: Kool-Aide Play dough

Kool-Aid Play Dough
1 Cup Flour
¼ Cup Salt
1 Packet Kool-Aid
⅔ Cups of Boiling Water *You will be using between ½ and ⅔ cup
1 Tb. Oil

  • Mix the flour, the salt, and the Kool-Aid together. 
  • Boil the water. 
  • Add the oil to the water. 
  • Pour some of the water into the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon. 
  • Keep adding water and work the dough until the color is uniform and feels like playdough. 
this recipe is awesome and super easy. 
kool-aid play dough

kool-aid play dough

kool-aid play dough
Monday Funday turned into a Tuesday this week since we've been out of town.

Today we made a little homemade Kool-aid play dough. How fun is this??  It is colored with kool-aid and so it smells yummy!  (one of the recipes suggested using 2 packets of kool-aid to get darker colors) Making the dough was so simple and Mae loved helping me. Then she played and played for hours.  As you can see we had a lot of imaginative play with it.  I absolutely love to see what Mae thinks of —her little worms lined up for supper. So funny! What is she going to say or do next??  We have a funny little girl for sure.  (:

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