05 July, 2013

Photo Friday

 We celebrated our Independence Day in small town USA, Selma, NC. I have to say, I walked around thinking of how different everything is in a small town... and couldn't help but think it was unlike anywhere I've ever been to, other than in a book I've read.  (: It was fitting to me to be here celebrating our great nation in a part of our nation I've never seen... with our little Chinese daughter that is now an official US Citizen.

 We came to Selma, NC to visit Cody's cousin -- Patrick. (Cody and Pat were so close as kids and haven't been able to see each other at all as adults.)  Pat has his precious daughter, Abby, on his shoulders above.

 For a small town their fireworks were surprisingly great.  This was Mae's first time seeing fireworks and she loved them.  It was so fun to hear Mae describe all the colors she saw... with her hand motions.

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