26 January, 2014

Fly to Guangzhou

I'm slow to get this post up because we headed to the airport first thing in the morning and flew to a new city yesterday. We are now in Guangzhou, in southern China. It took us a little bit to get set up with internet... plus traveling wore everyone out yesterday.

We worried how the babies would do on the plane - this is a good trial run for the very long trip we will take home. Ian stood at the line to check our luggage and I asked our guide to tell him we are flying today on an airplane. He very coolly said "I've flown before."

He was fine with everything right up to getting on the plane but when we stepped foot on the plane, he had a mini melt-down. He was saying something in Chinese loudly over and over. We don't know what, but everyone else on the flight knew whatever he was saying. 

Our seats were not together, Mae was in front of us with mom and dad, Ian and Cody were together and Jovie Ming and I were together. Ian and Mae slept the whole trip but not our tiger baby. She was happy but very much a little handful... Throwing things on the floor over and over that the poor man sitting next to us would retrieve for her. She stood up and charmed the people all around us. She's so stinking cute but much more of a rascal than Mae was.

Mae is consistently sweet and aggreeable. 

Ian is still not happy with me. He will hold my hand if Cody tells him to, but not willingly. He knows he's being a stinker and will smile at me as he bites me or pinches me or stomps on my foot. 

Cody and I have tried to give him some time because we know he's having an especially hard time. He still wakes up 2- 3 times in the night sobbing and crying out for his a yi but we will have to start to force him to go with me more and more. 

We have found that Ian and Jovie have probably never been told no before - the good thing is that it is evident they were loved very much. 

One huge success is for the first time last night BOTH babies slept in their cribs. Ian went straight to his crib at bed time and Jovie started off in our bed. She cried until 1:30 until I finally figured out that she wanted socks on and after that she was good to go to the crib... Probably because she was so exhausted at that point! 


  1. Yay they did good on plane ride! I know they were wore out I can only imagine ! Mae is so cute and wonderful that she is so easy going! ;) love to all!! <3

  2. Yay for Guanzhou! one step closer to home for you all. Bless all those little hearts for being such troopers! Looks like you guys are doing terrifically! Prayers being sent your way!

  3. I love that they are using their special blankets Mommy made for them! You guys are making this look easy (I know its not).


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