20 January, 2014

Night of Gotcha

Ian stopped crying out finally in the evening and sat and had a little bit to eat and then we changed his diaper and went to put on his pjs... He cried and fought me to keep his clothes and shoes on. I finally got him in pjs and he sat and pointed to his shoes and cried more. So sad, he just wants to go still and can't let that go. So our little boy slept with his tennis shoes on last night.. He was so exhausted that he fell asleep very quickly.

Jovie on the other hand would not fall asleep. My sweet girl would hold my face and snuggle into me and squirm around... All the time being very quiet. I could tell she was exhausted but I felt like she was staying up to make sure I wasn't  going to leave her. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is to hold her and kiss her precious cheeks. 

She is so unbelievably sweet and is starting to show little bits of her personality. She copies what I do and I can tell she is very smart. At little moments I can tell that she has a fiery spirit but in the sweetest way. Jovie finally fell asleep tonight at 1:20. And I did too...

At 3:30 Ian woke up. I am exhausted but I love the one on one time we have gotten because of this. He started off upset and wouldn't let me be near him. He has a terrible cold and coughs like he has the croup (spelling?). ): 

We started playing with the balloons and  saw our first smiles and even heard a few chuckles. Then we got the flash lights that glow - he loves them (both the balloons and the flashlights came from people in our travel group - so we have to tell them thank you in the morning for our night !!) He is beyond precious and all boy. (But still insists on wearing his tennis shoes)

Can you tell we are having fun? 

And if you are wondering about Mae, she has done amazingly well yesterday. She has found every way to help us or love on Ian and Jovie. Towards the end of the night we could tell she was beginning to unravel - needing good sleep and some extra attention. So tonight we thought spending the night in Nonna and Boppy's room would be best. I am so thankful that right next door is my mom and dad ready to jump in and help. 
 I can't wait to see how tomorrow goes, especially Ian and her together now that he is playing and not just crying!  I hope tomorrow will be a good day for all three to get to know each other. 


  1. LOVE seeing the smile on Ian's precious face!!! He is so stinkin' cute!!! Actually, they both are! Love you all! :)

  2. I am so happy for y'all! I know getting adjusted is hard but they love y'all already:) they are beautiful children

  3. Ian looks so happy now! I know you feel like such a "Lucky Mama" now :)

  4. I am sure all bubbas will settle asap. They are beautiful precious gems.


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