26 January, 2014

Medical Exam

This morning we had our medical exam for the babies... I'm not really sure why this is a mandatory part of the process but it is. ): The children go through an ENT test, get weighed and measured, temperature taken and then they have to strip down naked and thoroughly looked over. Sadly because our babies are over 2 years old they also had to have blood drawn to test for TB. If they test positive we have to go back for a chest X-Ray. We will find out the results tomorrow. We are just days away from being home and I hate all this unnecessary poking! What does it matter if they do have TB? 

They take the kids away from you and you can not go with them when they get their blood drawn. I had the special yogurt drinks ready for them when they came out and both of them cried and broke my heart. I cried too when Jovie got done because I have never heard her cry so loudly. 

After the medical exam we went to the "pearl market". This was a shopping center we'd been to before. There's no telling how many shops are in this HUGE, six story mall. Everything was closed for Chinese New Year though.
We bought a nice strand of pearls for Ian's future wife (: I love that!! We are already praying for his future spouse! We bought pearls for Mae and Jovie (we knew we'd be coming back for her future sister) last time we were in China, so they have matching ones waiting for them for their wedding day.

After we got back we just enjoyed playing in our room. Ian seems to act pretty good with me when we are here... 

The girls are so cute... Mae was putting on my shoes and Jovie keeps putting on Mae's and clomping all around. 

Ian's a little stud, isn't he??!? He loves a bath! 

McDonalds for lunch again! There's one right across the street (o: and all the kids like chicken nuggets. Ian likes his so much he wanted to save them in his special backpack. 

Mae and Ian have really bonded and you should hear the squeals and giggles coming from our room... I'm sure everyone on this hall hears us.

We bought the kids blocks at the Walmart and it's been the best purchase. They are really great quality and it's been something they all like and can play with together. Ian built his tall and then lined them all up. With each one he would squeal LOUDLY. He was very proud of himself. 

He's not all that into sharing and took all the blocks he could to the corner to play. His update we received did say he prefered playing by himself. He'll learn to have fun with his sisters soon, I think he already is figuring out he's got a pretty great big sister. 

Dinner was papa john's and it's just not the same pizza as back home (not worth going back to at least). The kids had noodles and seemed to like them though. We have to eat picnic style in our room but it seems to work! 

I wanted to make sure to say THANK YOU to all who are commenting and emailing!! It means so so much to hear for all of you at home. We are very home sick and counting down the days until we return! It feels nonstop with bonding and getting to know these babies, paying enough attention to Mae, someone getting into something, needing a diaper changed or nose wiped or whatever, and repeat — once we put them to bed we turn off the lights and are asleep when they are. I got to say this is EXHAUSTING! 

But we are happy with each days progress and absolutely loving each opportunty we get to know our babies better.  


  1. Love seeing them all play together. I watch for the posts each day. So glad each day is getting better. We'll be seeing you soon!!!

  2. So happy to see you all arrived safely in Guangzhou :) So sad the babies had to endure blood draws :(
    I love the girls in their matching panda shirts and Ian is such a handsome little boy. Your family of five is so precious!

  3. i just can't wait to see your next posts and pictures! It's amazing to see how much they are changing with everyday!

  4. Did they clear their TB tests? The medical exam is the WORST part, no? I hated that! Glad it's over, one more step to being Americans! :)
    Good to see they are having down time and yall look so happy! Are you at the Garden Hotel? They have a playroom there that Junie enjoyed. Blessings!

  5. LOVE every single photo and the babies are precious! SO is Mae!!! YAY that home is soon!!! Blessings and love!

  6. They are just precious. I love reading all of the posts and cannot wait for you guys to be home with all of your babies!!

  7. Welcome to the crazy life with three! :) We can't wait to see you all and meet Ian and Jovie! Love, love reading about your adventures and getting to know your family more!

  8. Tara and Keoni FeurtadoJanuary 27, 2014 at 10:10 PM

    What an amazing idea for the pearls!! You will be home sooo soon!


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