24 January, 2014

Friday Free Day!!!

Today was our first day with nothing on the agenda... and it was a relief! Since these babies came to us on Monday they have had to be so off schedule, without naps, they are eating new foods, and add being sick to it and you'd think they'd be pretty upset.  
Breakfast is our favorite meal. Our hotel has an amazing selection and it's been good for us to be able try a whole bunch of things to find what Ian and Jovie like. Ian is much more picky and would prefer to eat just noodles but I also think he's really not very hungry since he's not feeling well. Jovie is liking most things and will eat and eat and eat and still not get enough.  I just know her body is having to work extra hard. Mae fed her yogurt this morning and it is precious to see how she is helping. 

So this morning we walked to a near by park. I took pictures all the way there.  I feel very sentimental about Zhengzhou and really hate the thought of leaving here tomorrow. This is the city of our girls' origin and we love it. Scooters and bikes ride along the sidewalk... bunches of them and they zip around you.  

Today was especially cold and foggy. (Cody got fussed at by a woman that Ian wasn't bundled up enough) You could hardly see the sun through the clouds.

This is the park near our hotel.

We got our first chance to skype with Uncle Jon and Aunt Mer!

It's crossed my mind quite a few times how I will make things work with three when it's just me! I hope Ian likes his momma before Cody has to go back to work. It will be very hard on Ian when he does. I told Ian yesterday that Momma's do a lot more than just give you candy. (I've been bribing him to like me!) I think he is warming up little by little but I also think its really hard when he sees me always with Jovie. 

My dad told me yesterday that we might not do anything again until the kids are fourteen. Life is certainly different going from 1 to 3. 

Ian took a long nap this afternoon so Cody stayed with him and the rest of us walked to the McDonalds. Mae was so excited about chicken nuggets! The McDonalds is about a 10 minute long walk but feels a little longer if you are holding a 33 lb Maebelle. (: I had the lightest child - I'm curious how much Jovie weighs, not much I can tell you that. 


The McDonalds is in a tall building and is three levels. You can order on the main level but there are three levels of tables. Everything seemed pretty much the same on the menu except the red bean pie. 

Mae is amazing with them both and is enjoying playing with them but is also really struggling with the lack of attention we can give her. She holds no resentment for the babies and is constantly saying how much she loves them. She is saying things like, "I want to sleep with mommy all by myself," or "I want my picture taken all by myself." She's doing the absolute best that we could expect from her.


  1. I look for your post each day....I'm loving watching your story unfold and these three little faces together. My favorite picture, so far, is when you guys are skyping....so adorable.

  2. Love the three little ducklings in the crib! Adorable!! Love to Mae, she is such a beautiful jie jie.

  3. Well once again I'm all nostalgic again. So wonderful to see pics of all the places we've been. We loved the park and walking to McDonalds. Pizza Hut is awesome too!!! All the kids are precious!!! Everything will be tough but God chose you and He will give you everything you need!! Love you!

  4. Mae is awesome! She is going to be the best big sister, and things will settle down eventually! :) So happy to see more smiles everyday. Hope you are getting enough sleep!! Blessings!

  5. Bless you all, I have enjoyed reading your daily posts, actually, look for them first thing each morning. I am so happy for you all. The photo of you with your three bubbas, is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen, it so truly heart touching.

  6. Especially love the new pic of you & your 3 children :)

  7. The pictures of the kids in the crib and the one of Mae and Ian in the hall made my heart burst with joy for you all. They are such precious children. ALL THREE OF THEM. The Radtkes continue to pray for you all and every detail of your journey there. We love you!!


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