22 January, 2014

Passports done!

I am really trying to blog everyday but it looks like the best time to do it is the following morning. Cody, Mae and I all wake up really early because our bodies are still not used to the time change... and we have to go to bed early with the babies too. 
Ian is only 1 centimeter taller than Jovie but they feel very different when you pick them up. They are both in 18 month cloths for height but Jovie is so bitty around the waist even leggings don't stay up. 
Yesterday we started our day driving out to Ian's city of Pingdingshan. It was a really long time to be in the car. Ian has been sick with a terrible chest cold and yesterday it was worse. You could hear every breath he took. He ended up sleeping the entire drive up and back, and he needed it. Jovie showed us more of her little self... she is a little tiger. She can act so quiet and bashful and then get wound up and laugh and be so silly and get this boldness that reminds us of a tiger. When she is in this mood she is into everything and if you tell her no, she laughs and shakes her head no and does it again. She was saying a word so emphatically yesterday and forceful and then laughing and laughing. I couldn't figure out what it was at first but it was "no" in chinese... she's a little tiger, like I said. 
This is at the passport office in Pingdingshan. We had everyone's attention in the room. I don't think they had ever seen American's with Chinese children. They were taking our picture and a few of them were asking our guide... "why do their children look Chinese". ha! They are Chinese! They thought I looked a tiny bit Chinese in the face but were very confused to see us with them. Adoption didn't even occur to them. 

The babies loved these fun yogurt drinks while we waited on Ian's passport documents to be done. I'm going to have to see if I can get some of these from the asian market when we get home. 
So while we were gone, Mae stayed with Mom and Dad and the went to Walmart. Mae is so great. I just can't get over how agreeable she is to everything and how she is just so happy.  I don't think I've heard her whine a single time this whole trip.  

Ian was sick enough that we thought we better take him to the doctor. So Cody strapped him to the carrier and walked down to the hospital with our guide. I hope he will start to get well now that he's on some antibiotics.

Jovie and Mae stayed back with me and Jovie got a bath!!!

She loved it! Her update from the orphanage said she loved baths. She splashed like crazy and even would put her face in the water. She is so funny. 

And when Cody and Ian got back, Ian got his bath! They said he didn't like baths but he loved his too. And I thought Jovie splashed; this little man was splashing so hard everything in the whole bathroom was wet. I can't wait until it's summer time and we can bring him to the pool. 
Aren't my two boys the cutest??? 

So Ian slept in his shoes again... night 3. 


  1. We really like hearing all about your adventures! You give so much detail, but I still have a million more questions. Maybe its the auntie in me or the mom or the Lekberg? We're so glad your together at last. Love you all. Safe travels.

  2. He can come to my pool anytime!!! I would love for them to splash here;)
    They look like they are transitioning so well. Still praying for everyday to be another great bonding day.
    Love you guys,

  3. precious! precious! loving all the smiles, even with a cold! congrats!

  4. They are precious , can't believe they are in 18 month clothes! So tiny ;) looks like they Love bath time:) will be cute at beach for first time !

  5. That long ride is brutal!! Glad it's behind you!!! They are ao precious! Live seeing you in that hotel. Such a sacred place for our Evie baby!!! Thankful y'all are doing well. Xoxo


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