23 February, 2014


Tonight Jovie had her first bubble bath. 
We are leaving for the hospital at 6am tomorrow for Jovie's catheter. Her appointment starts at 8:30 and they think she will be taken to be put to sleep for the catheter and tests between 9:30-10. The procedure will take about 2 hours. Afterward, we will meet with her doctor to hear exactly what they find out about her heart. 

She will have to stay overnight tomorrow (Monday night) and I will be there by her side to comfort her, distract her, and do everything I can for her. Like the nurse said "Jovie's the boss on Monday".  

Here's what is so incredible and puts my mind at peace - more people than we even know are praying on her behalf. We are so grateful to all who are interceding for our precious daughter. One day she will recognize the magnitude of this. 

I want you to know that we are praying for mighty things to happen because we know that there are no limits to what God can do. He may heal her through a doctor or through a miracle - we are praying for Jovie to have a whole, healthy, functioning heart. Also, please pray for her to have peace and comfort, in the past she has been extremely upset by the nurses and doctors. 

My friends and and family, you have no idea how much your prayers mean to us.  


  1. Will be praying hard for your sweet Jovie girl, Kristen! I know our entire family is!!! She'll have extra angels with her through this journey & God has his healing hands on her heart already:) I love you all so much!!!

  2. Praying for Jovie and your whole family today!

  3. Oh sweet baby girl! Keeping her and you all in my prayers!!!!


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