12 February, 2014

First Snow

Yesterday was the first snow for all three. All morning long this is where I'd find them... In total wonder of the giant flakes that were falling. Don't you just love this? I'm in total wonder too, looking at these three blessings makes my heart want to explode. There are times I still have to pinch myself.

We got bundled up to go outside and experious some of the white stuff. I took our family photo in the mirror in our entry... To document the first Lekberg snow day!
All morning Mae kept saying, "is it Christmas?" And sang Christmas songs for us all day.

So dashing threw the snow... (: 

 And we are lucky all three could squeeze on here together... Lucky because this is the cutest thing I've seen!

Around the yard a few times...

Ian did not like the snowflakes falling in his face and so I showed them how to try to catch it on their tongues. 

This is the south, so we are talking about maybe 2 inches of snow... Unfortunately not enough for a snow angel but that didn't stop Mae! Mae has been obsessed about snow for a year now and she finally got some to play in. 

Another huge blessing was having Cody home with us. You see we've been home for a week and a half and Cody had to go straight back to work. He gets home at 6pm every night and all of us (him and me included) have hardly stayed awake to 8pm. It's been so hard on him to have to have to see the kids so little, squeeze in everything that needs to be done and for us to be able to talk since we've been back. 

So more fun than snow... we get Cody home. <3<3<3

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  1. Oh how beautiful, your babies, the snow and the family photos. Thank you for sharing from the bottom of my heart.


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