01 February, 2014

Meal calendar

If you wanted to bring us a meal here is the link to our meal calendar : http://mealbaby.com/viewregistry/17058950
This link will take you to a page to sign in with your information and then allow you to see our meal calendar. 

We greatly appreciate the help with meals during this time. 

Here is where we need your understanding and grace.  If you bring us a meal, we can not thank you enough! Seriously, it's a huge blessing... But we know that the exciting thing about bringing a meal is getting to meet these two babies. At this time, Ian and Jovie are having a really difficult time with all the changes that have recently happened to them and they get very nervous when people are in the house that they don't know. We may not be able to invite you in, or will not invite you in for very long. 

We very much look forward to the day that our family and friends can hold and play with Ian and Jovie. We love you dearly, and want our children to know you too. That day will come, but it will need to come slowly over time. We know that waiting is hard, but it is what is best for them in both the short and long run.
Thank you for your love and support and thank you in advance for understanding these difficult words. 

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