14 February, 2014

Snowed in

This fresh white snow that came to Georgia has been such a gift to our family. We've been nestled together with our new little family of five. We've stayed in our sweat pants, had dance parties, eaten warm soup and crockpot meals, made snow cream, the little Lekberg's had their first movie night and the only time we've left our nest was to go outside to this white paradise. 

Sledding is a special treat for these Georgia babies... And their daddy can't resist it either. 

We have Jovie in about 18 layers here. We have to keep our little heart baby warm and toasty... But she is very used the layers, children in China dress in layers everyday in the winter.

All three precious babies in tow.

Holly bear was crazy... Running and rolling in the snow.  I think she had the most fun of all of us.

I want to remember the peacefulness of this. There is no one around but us, no other foot prints but our own, no tire tracks, just deer tracks. We were in our own little magical place... I will never forget this precious week. 

I hope all of you have had a special time with your families. Now the worst part of the snow melting is getting out of sweat pants and getting back to the real world again.  


  1. How pretty and what amazing memories !!!

  2. Beautiful day for your precious family! I too took it in. Such God!!!! Love you all!!! Xoxo


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