24 February, 2014

Jovie's Catheter

So this morning we arrived at the Sibley Heart Center at Children's Hospital of Atlanta. The nurses got Jovie set up with a little gown and the sensors that stick on to keep track of her vitals on the monitor.They didn't do anything at all that hurt her but she still was so upset by them. The doctors came by and introduced themselves and helped explain what was going to happen while they had her under anstesia. Every time anyone came into our room Jovie would show them they weren't welcome -- it's clear she knew something was up. They took her back a little before 10am and put her under and started the catheter, did blood work and an extensive ECHO while she was still. This way they have every bit of information to go by to make the best plan on how to fix this baby's heart. The board will meet today to go over everything and we will hear this week what they say. Her resting oxygen level was at 79 (it should be 100). While she was awake today it would go up and down, up and down from 60 to 74. 
When they came to get us after she was through they expected her to sleep for a while, but not Jovie. She woke up as soon they took her breathing tube out... Before we could even get to her. She was crying and very upset. Her little hand had the IVs and cords all over and the blood pressure cuff would tighten every 15 minutes and really make her mad. She is a brave little girl and I was glad to see that she was mad and acting like herself - this little tiger baby was determined to recover quickly. 
She was drinking and eating pb&j and the nurses were all impressed with our little girl's improvement. They started saying that if she continued to do well we would not have to stay over night for recovery. 
They told us Ian would not be able to be back in the room with us but when we got there they never questioned it. This meant that Cody didn't have to stay in the waiting room all day too. Ian was AMAZING! We woke him up at 5am and he seriously could not have been more happy and agreeable. He even got off the chair and got a toy to give to Jovie while she was upset. He gets a gold star today - everything went absolutely as best as it could have gone! 
God sure did answer our prayers today and we know all the prayers surrounding this day have been heard. Y'all, we were checked out of the hospital by 2:30!  We are HOME to rest and let Jovie recover here in her own bed.


  1. God is woNderfuL!!! I'm so happy to hear it went so well!! Prayers answered!!!!

  2. TODAY is the day the LORD hath MADE! I am rejoicing with your family!

  3. Sweet babies!! So happy to read that everything went smoothly and will be anxious to hear what the next steps will be!

  4. So thankful it went well and you all are home resting now together. Praying Gods continued healing and comfort over her and your mama heart and the entire family thru this and the next steps.

  5. Bless y'all!!! Praying you get answers and love those babies!!!!!

  6. I feel like I'm never not thinking and praying for those precious kids. I'm so grateful to the Lord in the many ways He answered your prayers. We love you all.


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