11 February, 2014

In a box

Ah thank you, we got emails and comments from y'all with all kinds of suggetions for the car sickness. I did them ALL! I went to CVS and bought the sea bands for Ian, I put my iPad on the back of the seat so they would look forward, I fed them an hour earlier, turned the vent toward them and kept the car cool, I gave them a small dosage of Benadryl and I took a longer way to school to avoid a curvy route. Whew! And it proved to work, no puke to or from school... and Ian wasn't so upset either! 

I don't know which one of the many tips worked for us, but I am a happy momma if this continues to help them!! Thank you to all who shared your tips! Ian and Jovie thank you too!

So while Mae was in school I took Ian and Jovie to the grocery store to stock up on essentials - we are supposed to get a bad wintery storm here! And when we got home I made us all lunch and sat at the table between them. 

Ian and Jovie were having a little conversation among themselves and as it continued I found myself saying, "hey guys, what are y'all talking about?" I sat there quietly realizing I'm the third wheel here! Jovie and Ian are talking and laughing and I have NO idea what they are going on about! Bet that's never happened to you before! 

 I am glad they have each other. (: 

I want to give my thanks to Amazon for providing my kids with priceless entertainment. A very large box was delivered today, I guess I've found the perk to having 2 in different size diapers.  

They all wanted in and loved it! Every kid loves boxes, right? My 3 were enthralled and I realized the treasure I had too! Look all 3 are being contained and don't even know it (; So I made it my goal to see how long I could make this last... 

For a long time the box itself was fun. They'd all sit down and then all stand up over and over. I think they love being together. 

Next, I gave them crayons to color the box. The little ones liked the sound it made to color over the corrugated cardboard. They were trying to make it sound as loud as they could. 
When crayons were old I fed them snacks.

I got a full hour of *free* box babysitting! I actually got to CLEAN my house up for the first time in ages. Anyone got any other ideas for next time? 


  1. So fun!!! A pack in play with a blanket over the top is fun too! I played that with Peyton:)

  2. cute, cute, cute!!
    Lily has loved her bean box. I filled a giant plastic tub (not too deep but wide) with dried beans (lots of them. I buy the huge bags from Costco). I threw in bowls, plastic spoons and cups.....She sits and pours and scoops and loves it! She's really good about keeping the beans in the "box" but cleaning up spilled beans is no biggie (she loves to do that part too). It's a great sensory thing!

  3. Haha! Boxes are great! We moved a few months ago, and a little ways into unpacking, I converted one of those large wardrobe boxes into a "house" for my two-and-a-half-year-old, thinking we'd throw it out in a week or two. That was two months ago! She plays in it just about every day (and makes me squeeze in there, too!), and every time we pray, she thanks God for "my house in the dining room". I don't know how we're ever going to get rid of it!!

  4. Oh.my.goodness. Those 2 together - their photos melt me!

  5. Yay! I'm glad those suggestions worked for the puking! I'm with you on that being pretty much the worse thing in the world to deal with ;) You could have them toss a small ball or something into the box that might keep them entertained for a while.

  6. Now THAT is classic!!! And yes I remember the days when P&E talked in my face Chinese Chinese Chinese... seems forever ago. Blessings and love! XOXO


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