01 February, 2014


Our family is very out of sorts and we are hardly thinking sane but we are together. I had to think about where I was this morning, what day it was and what time it was... I'm sure if I'm disoriented these babies really have to be. The kids woke up several times crying throughout the night. We all just got up at 4am and had breakfast, lunch was at 9:00 and naps from 10-2, second lunch at 3 and then normal dinner. We are trying so hard to get back on schedule so we can sleep at normal hours again so maybe our brains won't be so foggy too. 

The kids have found plenty of new things to do - Mae is starting to understand the fun of having a brother and sister. (: 

I can't believe our 3 car seats are full of three sleeping babes. 

We are posting all the fun and happy pictures but as you know with this big of a transition, there is a lot of confusion, hurt and a whole lot of crying. 

These children have gone through so much in the last week in a half and are grieving very much... Especially Ian, because he's older, this makes it especially hard on him. Since we've been home Ian has constantly called out for Cody as "GaGa", which is big brother, and not daddy. We keep telling him that Cody is "BaBa - Daddy" but he still cries GaGa. We just don't understand what he is thinking but we do know he hasn't ever known what a "baba - daddy" even is. It takes some time to show these babies that we aren't going anywhere and what it means to have a dad and mom.

The day that we got Jovie and Ian was a beautiful day - they gained a daddy and a mommy, and a sister, a forever family. Long term for them this is so significant but short term all they know is that they lost the people that they knew and loved and were placed in the arms of unfamiliar people that look funny to them and speak another language. This is a very difficult thing for them right now, and one they will continue to struggle with. We gained a son and a daughter but they had to lose the only people they knew that cared for them, the other children they grew up with, their country, their language and even the food they ate, everything they've ever known. We know that the Lord is the author and finisher of their lives and he will redeem this loss, but for now we are walking down this hard road with our children.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for our family as we battle to overcome the fears these babies have and bond our family through a lot of sleepless nights of crying. We so much appreciate all of you that have reached out and helped us, and those of you that have asked us about making us a meal -we will have a meal calendar. Meals are pure gold right now and help out our family so much.

We have been overwhelmed by everyone's generosity, love, prayer and support... Every text, email, comment and call of encouragement is cherished. 
Love you all. 


  1. I love the picture of all three kids sleeping and Holly too! Too cute! She really has taken to Ian and Jovie hasn't she? Bet she kind of loves the extra activity.

  2. Yes, so much for these children to learn and work out. Ian will soon realize how wonderful "mama" is and that a Baba is even better than a brother! So happy to see your family of 5 home! Blessings and love!

  3. God bless you guys! Prayers coming your way from a total stranger!
    Mom to a Guangxi girl :)


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