17 April, 2011

3 weeks

It was three weeks today that we were handed the gift of Mae. Our baby girl astonishes us with her incredible sweet spirit, wit and beauty. There are so many times a day I have to stop myself from breaking down and crying. The miracle of this child, from another place in this world, coming to be ours is just too much! God created this breathetaking little girl to be ours... and there are countless ways that her personality is like us, and just fits with us seamlessly. And we're just starting to learn what she is all about.
She had a little visit from her Aunt Meridith and Uncle Jon. She has warmed right up to them and found that she likes her Aunt's sparkly style.
She was beside herself when her aunt let her wear the pretty necklace. It is adorable how she is so fond of all things girlie... and that is just perfect with me too.
This is so sweet. Griffin loves his girl.
And every moment that I dreamed about with her seems surreal now. I cherish every minute of being this little 20 month old's mom. Even the stinky ones.


  1. My favorite picture is of Mae with Griffin...and Thing from The Adams Family. (That's actually her dad's hand but he got cropped out.

  2. Love the pictures, she's so sweet and shows so much love!! Hope everything is getting back to normal for schedule wize

  3. What an amazing gift and a perfect family. I am inspired by y'all.

  4. Happy three weeks home! I can't tell you how much I wish we could get our girls together....they are so much alike! Lily has a "sparkly" aunt too, whom she just adores. And they both clearly love their doggies!

    Your words are so sweet and I know how in love you are with Mae! I am so very happy for you.


  5. Adorable! I love the picture of her with Griffin!!


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