01 April, 2011

New City - New Bed

The above photos are from the day before. I thought you should see that she loves playing with her daddy on the iPad. They play piano and she loves it.
We left for Guangzhou today. It is a city on the southern part of China. Our flight wasn't until 4pm so we had some time to kill at the hotel. The air conditioning isn't turned on yet at the hotel so we spend a good part of our time in the cool hallway. She is entertaining us each second.

Lunch before we left had to be quick so we made oatmeal for Mae to try and we had cliff bars... to our surprise we LOVED oatmeal too! So now we know she likes a few things that we can get for her in America! Mash potatoes, oatmeal, eggs, and french fries too. Her update told us she loved bananas but she has spit them out each and every time.Fast asleep - we were hoping to save sleeping for the plane ride.
Daddy is so good with her - he is reading to her the fights.

This is ice cream that she thinks she wants a bite of - I wish I had a picture of her reaction after she realized that it was cold. She made quite the face.
The plane ride was just about 2 hours and she napped for a portion of it. It was hard on her today - she missed her nap and everything is all new... we are new, air conditioning is new, bus rides, new food, new bed, plane trip - she is such a sport to hang in there with us.
Our new guide in Guangzhou is Jocelyn!

So we arrived at 9pm (her bedtime) and still had not had dinner and she had not been able to get down to walk in 5 hours. I was car sick and we both were exhausted but she was still prety amazing - a little fussy as expected but what a great baby she is. She didn't fall asleep for a while last night and woke up earlier this morning. She was a little out of sorts having a new room and bed to get used to, but she seems all good now. This room is very nice and it has a tile entrance - she loves walking from the carpet to the tile with her bare feet and will cross back and forth, back and forth. It is so cute!


  1. absolutly amazing

  2. YAY! So glad oatmeal was a hit. :)

  3. The little flower bow you have in her hair is so precious!! I'm so happy things are going great for you guys!

  4. Glad to hear the travel went well, Love her little outfits! too cute....
    I'm so excited for ya'll to be able to learn her background and country!

  5. Glad you are safe and sound in Guangzhou. Mae will have fun being on the island, it is such a pretty place to get outside and walk around. She is just so adorable! What is it with the bananas? Lily still spits them out!
    Have fun....you are on the homestretch now!

  6. We are so glad to be sharing the trip with you guys. We had a hard time with feeding Grace when we first got her. We found that she loved Congee - a rice porridge - easily digested. We found adding Chicken or Scrambled eggs or even broccoli in it, helped change it up.

    Keep the pictures and stories coming!!

    Craig, Melica & the Girls


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