09 April, 2011

Home at last!!

We landed at the Atlanta airport after a very exhausting trip - our original flights with Delta had us flying into Japan, so they switched us to a later flight to LA. When we got to the airport in Guangzhou, China they had NO record of our flight. We had a really stressful time trying to get the travel figured out so we could just go home. We finally got on standby at the last minute and ran all the way to our plane... but we were going home! None of our seats were together but we had a very nice person give up her seat so at least Cody and I could be together on our 12 hours home with Mae. Thankfully, this new flight was right at Mae's bedtime. She slept all but an hour of the flight and was absolutely amazing.

Our next flight from LA to Atlanta had Cody and my seats next to each other but Mae's seat was 6 rows in front of us... well that wasn't going to work. They did put us together in the end but it made for the most stressful 24 hours of the whole trip.
We had quite the welcoming party at the airport and it was soooo early we did not expect to see all these amazing people to welcome our baby girl. Loved her beautiful banner!!
Mae was a little overwhelmed by all the people looking at her and she kept shrugging her shoulders. (:
She has her daddy and her uncle Jon here.
Awe and home at last! We had posters, balloons, meals and a clean house all waiting for us.
She had so much to see! I've had all her things here waiting for her and it was so unreal to see her finally in our home!!
Stylish darlin thanks to a present filled of awesome girlie things from a dear friend.
Okay, now it's finally time to get to show Mae HER room!! She was adorable and had the perfect response because she pointed at everything with so much excitement.

And she found her baby.
The stairs were her favorite of all though... She is figuring out how to go up and down with her aunt Meridith.
First introduction to the dogs. She has done so well with them... Griffin has given her big kisses and she just laughed and pointed. We have only let Blaze lick her toes, he has growled at her a few times and we know it will take some time for that grumpus to love our girl.
Nap in her own bed! We could tell she really liked her bed too. So thankful! We were amazed she went to it so easily. You know she did not ever like her beds at the hotels and would cry and cry. We'll have to see if it is just because she was so exhausted from our trip.
Finding her things (:

She loved the teapot very much.
And soooo good to have comfort food... chicken pot pie my sister made us! It was so yummy and Mae thought so too. She kept signing for more!


  1. HOW WONDERFUL,God Bless you all

  2. Welcome home to the new family of three!

  3. It was so great to see you guys yesterday. Can't wait to spend more time with that angel of yours!

    Congrats on your family of 3!!
    Look forward to seeing all the new discoverys she has!
    Love to All!

  5. Yay! So thrilled she seems to be adjusting well and loving her new home!! Can't wait to see her once Luke is all well and you guys have had time to get settled!


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