21 April, 2011

New Pictures

I'm not sure why I feel the need to introduce myself each time I post, but I do it anyway. My writing style is much different that Kristen's so I imagine whoever reads this would be able to determine the author fairly quickly. Either way...this is Cody again.

I woke up at 4:00 this morning to some of our infamous sever Southern thunderstorms. It's now 5:15 I'm not tired at all so I thought I would blog for a minute.

We have been home for 12 days now and it's very strange how things don't seem much different than from when we left for China. Other than the fact that we are pretty tired and we have a bunch of new Chinese stuff around the house I don't feel much different than when we left. Please don't get me wrong, we are thrilled beyond words to have our little Maebelle home with us, but she blended into our family so seamlessly I can't really remember life without her.

It feels like we've had a piece of our family missing this whole time but we didn't know it until she showed up. Now that she's here, what in the world would we do without her? She is so sweet and funny and a bit of a rascal too. I mean she fits RIGHT into family. It's wild!

OK, so about the new pictures:

Our dear friends, Chris and Katie, own a photography studio called 6 of Four and are amazing photographers. They were at the airport to document our arrival from China and also took some great family photos last week. Now, it's very important that I clarify how awesome Chris and Katie are. Not only are they amazing photographers, but they are great friends, savvy business owners and just overall wonderful people.

When Kristen and I had our letterpress shop, Chris and Katie were the ones who really helped get our name into the Atlanta wedding industry. We knew they were good photographers but didn't truly understand their level of talent and respect in the industry until we started meeting other professionals who also knew them. One thing we learned about the wedding industry is that anyone with a Digital SLR (fancy camera) is a "photographer." Just like anyone with a Mac and a copy of Photoshop is a "graphic designer" (real graphic designers will get that joke inside of a joke). Chris and Katie are truly gifted photographers with the unique ability to capture feeling and emotion like few others. It's really hard to put into words, so make sure to check out their work...after you've looked at all of Mae's pictures, of course:

Mae's Homecoming
Family Portraits

6 of Four's Blog
6 of Four's Weddings
6 of Four's Portraints


  1. Cute pictures Love them all!
    Mae is so adorable!

    Very happy things are going great for ya'll

  2. I love her. And I love the pictures.

  3. The pictures are amazing and I have LOVED following your blog! You can just see the amazing joy and sweetness in her face and I am just so incredibly happy for you guys!!!

  4. wow! such beautiful pictures of a precious baby and her adoring mommy and daddy. Love them!

  5. Oh my gosh, such GREAT pictures!!


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